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  • Sorry donny, think I got things a little wrong . Had my interview in Sheffield but my actual station would be Doncaster. I think it's just a waiting game. I too am itching to start, feel for you, must be hard waiting that long.

    I received an email from HR saying I did really well at interview etc and that they look forward to working with me soon. It also stated that they would be putting people on courses throughout the year and they would be in touch. I have only received one more email Since which basically reiterated the original email. Not heard anything more since middle of June! I have been in touch with HR and they couldn't give me any further information! I guess it is a waiting game! When did you actually apply for the conductor role at Sheffield? My application was around middle of March!
    I'm itching to get started to be honest but it could be a while yet I guess!
    Sorry to use this message thing but I'm not a massive fan of direct communication in the public eye!
    I am also in the "talent pool" for conductor at Sheffield. Can I ask when you applied and when did you have your interview for the role? Mine was back in May!
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