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  • Thank you for your response. That is useful advice and I apologise for the approach. We would not want anybody helping us to risk disciplinary action so we will talk to ATOC and ASLEF before speaking to drivers.
    I work for a company called Lambent.

    We specialise in documentaries and are hoping to produce a documentary for Channel 4 about procedure put in place for drivers after a fatal collision. I am hoping you would be willing to talk to me and my director Lucy further about your experience.

    At this moment we have been offered the opportunity to make a taster DVD and pitch to Channel 4 to make this film. This means we would like to speak to people willing to share their experiences. We would ideally like to film this for the taster DVD but it would not be for broadcast and would only be for ourselves and a few people at Channel 4 to see.

    I would really like to speak to you about your experience with accidents and what your company put in place to support you. If you would be interested in talking to me please feel free to message back or call and e-mail me on my contacts below.

    T: 01273 648380
    hi. Did you see the image of the 378 or did photopic block it?

    Its behaving a bit weirdly for me.

    Not too bad buddy...Last shift for a fortnight..got some annual leave coming my way so I aint grumbling also..not that we really have much to grumble about TBH!!!
    Ah, not so bad.

    Have just had the Mabway communications course today that your lot seems less than keen on. They didn't teach me anything new, but it was a day not spent driving trains and a free lunch so I'm not complaining.

    And your good self...?
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