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    Could we see a return to "essential travel only" messaging?

    If we go back to essential travel only, what’s the point of even imposing the 10 pm shut down of bars and pubs? No one will be “allowed” to even go to them.
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    MML Electrification

    The day electrification makes it to Sheffield I’ll buy everyone on here a pint :D
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    MML Electrification

    Now let’s get the wires all the way to Sheffield please!
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    Worst UK train?

    153’s, horrible, horrible things, the leg room (or lack of) is criminal.
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    Are we ever gonna actually get any proper funding for Sheffield rail lines? We’re still sat here with ZERO electrification, ZERO commitment from NPR and HS2 and we’re stuck with the painfully inadequate Hope Valley Line.
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    What incentive is there to go by train?

    I can get to the centre of Leeds in 11 minutes from here in Shipley via train which would take half an hour or more to drive, plus the time it takes to find a parking spot and saving parking money too.
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    Was on a 195 from Meadowhall to Leeds and didn't notice it clunking about, on the other hand the thing I did notice were the amount of people that were stood up because the 2 car 195's aren't suitable. Then again it doesn't take a genius to work that out!
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    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    Trouble with that is the peak times have people packed in like sardines. The platform extensions would be great but I think we all know that won't happen but I hope I'm proven wrong. Shipley would be difficult, on one hand platform 4 could easily be lengthened but platform 1 would need to be...
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    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    The 331's simply aren't fit for purpose for the busy commuter routes that are the Airedale and Wharfedale lines. Has there been an indication that they'll be altered in the future? The tables are unnecessary beyond belief!
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    Landslip at Sheffield

    Are XC services via Wakefield Westgate still running through Sheffield?
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    Why are people opposed to HS2? (And other HS2 discussion) This all but confirms my concerns. I recall Councils in Yorkshire arguing years ago that the two legs had to be delivered simultaneously not to give the NW cities an early huge...
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    68019 diesel fumes/emissions?

    At Leeds and TPE 68019 pulls into platform 15, first thing I noticed was the amount of fumes it was kicking out, it was creating a haze and covering those passing by with what felt like a thick cloud of fumes, the smell was overpowering and it was difficult to breathe without inhaling it...
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    Why are people opposed to HS2? (And other HS2 discussion)

    For those that are so vehemently opposed to HS2, what do you propose we do instead?
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    Why are people opposed to HS2? (And other HS2 discussion)

    You aren't even making any effort to look like not you're trolling.
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    MML Electrification

    Electrifying up to Sheffield would allow electrification to continue to Doncaster and Leeds which would remove many diesel services. It’s a win win.