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Old Timer
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  • Hi Old Timer

    I recently saw a comment you made way back in 2012 to Danny regarding knowing details of working in America and where to start. If it's possible could you please contact me, as i would love to do this whilst i am still young and able :)

    Thank You
    Hey old timer

    I have just reviewed a comment you made as per below, where will I find that working instruction?

    "Both incorrect. The “red zone” prohibition (Zones now having been removed from the Rule Book). Work may take place on a station platform within 1.25m of the platform edge under Lookout arrangements as long as the required sighting times can be achieved"

    Hey man, we havent seen you around here in a while. It would be nice for you to pop by sometime :D
    hi there im interested in the bs1 and bs2 signalling course could you tell me a bit more about it.

    will i be able to find employment once i completed the course
    and if so whats the likely stating salary


    kelvin collom 07411455408
    Just thought I'd drop you a line about your experience with the OCR at rugby, the guy who messed up with the radial load belonged to another outfit!, not that I'm defending the OCR!
    Hello OT

    I should like to wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year for 2012.
    I hope you are keeping well ?

    Brian (aka Saltleyman)
    Hi pal hope all is well in the land of Old Timer, What loco is that in your avatar? im guessing its an american GM or GE loco?
    Thanks for that OT,as usual you are a diamond!.Its no big deal just a difference of opinion on the connect forum,can you tell me what module or standard its in,he is bound to ask,
    cheers again,
    OT,quick question mate..where does it say a COSS must have a red flag or lamp in the four foot when taking a T2 apart from a T2A,
    many thanks
    As I could not post on the thread about the railway worker who may loose he job I thought I would leave a message.

    I think who/they who have participated should have equally the same done to them if they have a job that they could be sacked over, and how childish and nasty to do such a thing to someone because they didn't agree with the offenders opinion.

    Hope whoever the worker is keeps his/her job, and as I say what ever goes around comes around.
    Now there could well be a rational explanation for all this but I've often wondered since whether anything had been experienced here before. Maybe you could shed some light.


    I knew the gang at Farringdon well. They were one of my regular gangs and had been working for me on a job at Bescot for the better part of a year. I asked the foreman if he'd had any bother with the bloke who'd come to complain. He said he'd seen no one since I left and the gang had all been on the drills 'til the water ran out and then outside the tunnel mouth having a baccy break til we got back. I checked with the rest of the gang in case the chap had slipped passed but no one had seen him. That's when it really dawned on me that I'd had "that" feeling walking up through the tunnel!
    Not wishing to be caught alone I took a firm grip on my bardic and set off for Kings Cross, where I knew I would have re-inforcements.

    When I arrived there the water supply had been sorted. Our man had had to go up the Midland tunnel first as that team had actually exhausted their supply! He had now filled our containers and was just about to set off back to Farringdon. Naturally I took the chance of a lift back. I always take note of the old saying that a second class ride is better than a first class walk! I warned the chap to look out for our complainant as he had still not reached us and I'd seen no sign of him in the lighter area between No.1 and No.2 tunnels. We made our way cautiously back without meeting anyone!
    I was with the lads at the Farringdon end and we were getting perilously short of water, we were already way behind on progress and there was no sign of the EGO 4 trolley we'd sent to Kings Crosss to fill our buckets. I noticed someone at the access point up towards Farringdon station, it looked like the access owners again and they looked fairly animated. I'm rather ashamed to say that I was pleased to have the excuse of walking up to Kings cross to see where the water had got to! As I was walking up towards the end of the first tunnel the noise of the drilling was dying away and I had 'that' feeling of being followed. I gave myself a stiff talking to. I quickly became sure that I could hear footsteps behind me. Turning round I could quite distinctly see the shadow of a figure in the glare from a signal about a hundred yards behind me. "Hello", thought I, "It looks like I'm going to have to deal with our complainant after all and give him a ticking off for trespas at the same time!".
    I'm not prone to experiencing things normally, although I have great respect for those who do. However, when I was with Balfours Projects we did a job for Balfours maintenance drilling and grouting in new pandrol shoulders on the slab track through the tunnels. The job was a story in itself. It ran over a Saturday morning to Sunday morning block if memory serves correctly. I was the engineer for the second shift from 18:00 to 06:00. The access was through a car park off the Grays Inn Road if I remember rightly. There was some agro with the owners about blocking access points and we had them on the track playing smash with us once or twice. Our first worksite was just inside the tunnel mouth at the Farringdon end, where LUL goes over the top. We were having to travel up to Kings Cross to get water for the drills and we had a second job up the Midland tunnels, right outside the old St Pancras underground box in fact.
    Thanks for the message OT.

    You're very welcome. I look forward to contributing to some lively discussion. I wondered where you'd got to, Slash/Block Joint pointed me in this direction.

    Returning to the thread of odd things...... I seem to recall that you'd spent some time on the southern end of the Midland. Did you ever stray as far as the GN widened lines and if so did you ever notice or hear about anything odd at the far end of Clerkenwell tunnels, down towards Farringdon?

    This is going to have to be multiple messages as I've just found I'm limited to the number of words I can use!
    Hiya OT, just thought i would say well hiya really, lots of familiar names on here I see, keep well speak soon.
    Hello, I figured I'd better reply to your GE comment here rather than drag that thread farther off topic.

    To answer your question, unfortunately, no, the GC does not roster any of the big six-axle U-Boats. I sure wish they did!

    Here's some additional information/photos of what they do have:


    They may not be as large as those relics working in South America, but the people who own the GC are great. Just walk into any one of their offices and they'll give you the scoop on what is running and when.
    Hello OT.Lower Quadrant signing in,or should it be Lower Quadrant1043....saltleyman let me know of whereabouts.Well the new saltleyman......
    What a Saltley Thread ? what a good Idea,do you think it would work on here ?
    I'll mention this site to Albert(1043) se what he thinks .
    My wife and I are both keeping well thank you,hope the same goes for you and yours ?
    It was one or the other, I just took the wrong guess. Good afternoon Brian. It is a pleasure to see you here. I trust all is well and you and your good lady are keeping fine.
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