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  • im off to bed mate, see ya tomorra i guess lol :P enjoy trip whcich is most proberly going to be a pacer to carlisle :P night
    you should its awsome!:D and okay i can only run open bve on my dads computer and cant even run bve because i have windows 7 :P should just go to sunderland in first class one day one the first one of tha day this it gets to hartlepool about 1125 then hop on the 1230 back its what i did to see what its like.
    i always try go first class its much quiter :P and i get a table seat to my self and i found that on a sunny day the curtains help lol. have you ever been in first class then?
    well im guessing you will be on the platform on the western side so i will go to the door and give you a wave ill be in first class door next to the hst ;)
    will the gc train pass through seaton befor yours arrives, should do i rekon?

    that the direct one isnt it because i sometimes use that to get to carlisle to watch football
    you might have , on a bike black carbrini coat :P, so do you use openbve? what time train you getting from seaton?
    hi there , im not actually from hartlepool but i do live here :D
    technicly im a sheep shagger from cumbria ;) shame about the 180 :( still havnt saw it :o
    We seem to agree on a few things on the Northern thread so i though i'd add you. Hope thats ok.

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