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    Eurostar duty roster

    Last time I spoke to the driver I know it was one return trip.
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    New Build LMS Garratt

    Wouldn't it also be to big to move around on the back of a lorry to non connected preserved lines.
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    FGW contingency in the event of industrial action 8th-11th July 2015

    Am booked on last train from Cardiff to Portsmouth this Friday which is now disjointed replacements. Are SWT accepting tickets onwards from Salisbury? Am abit concerned that connections won't get held on the Salisbury line as a little tight. Also instead could I change at Reading for either...
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    Cross-City Electrification from Barnt Green to Bromsgrove

    Long wall nothing to do with new platforms. Northbound loop already pushed out to accommodate new up platform. The Lickey Incline & bromsgrove MPD facebook group will supply all your answers.
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    Lickey Incline - are freight trains given a running start?

    But Colas did convey a DB 59 the one day. So maybe a bit of scratching each others backs.
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    Lickey Incline - are freight trains given a running start?

    When we're they clipped? Freightliner use there own banker when needed. Colas was banked by DB the other day. All FOCs use the bank but to what loadings I don't know.
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    Lickey Incline - are freight trains given a running start?

    More impressive is to see an unaided freight restart after stopping on the bank. Slipping back is not an option with the catch points.
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    Lickey Incline - are freight trains given a running start?

    Unbanked freights sometimes go up from a standing start, normally when they have been looped to allow passing passenger. I think the bank is always clear before a banked freight starts the climb but not necessarily for an unbanked freight. A banker is only required if the trailing load exceeds a...
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    Strangest thing you've heard/seen on the rail network...

    Many years ago a driver having a sexual favour in the cab!
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    Breweries by Rail

    Brains next to Cardiff Central
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    Inter City Railway Society

    Was Mr Byrne with the NREA?
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    Car parking at lime street

    Park in Mount Pleasant multi story and walk across.
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    Sutton Park Line Diversions

    What about the freights that run between these junctions?
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    S.Wales - Didcot MGRs via Malvern

    There was definately a picture in a magazine of the time showing an MGR on the Malvern line. Loaded or empty I can't remember. 47 hauled I think.