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    Difference between "permanent way" and "track"

    Thanks for the many helpful replies.
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    Difference between "permanent way" and "track"

    What is the difference between "permanent way" and "track"? Wikipedia articles seem to suggest that the "permanent way" is the whole of the track infrastructure and "tracks" are the individual rails. I translate for a railway company and in the source texts sometimes a similar distinction is made.
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    Other (non UK) countries approach to easing lockdown

    I don't think "lockdown" is the right term to use for what has gone on in Switzerland, though it is sometimes used in Swiss publications in English. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary "lockdown" means "a situation in which people are not allowed to enter or leave a building or area...
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    The continental approach to Safety

    A guard was killed last year in Switzerland after being caught in a door which had not been closed before departure. On many trains, guards are now required to check all other doors are closed from the platform, then board, close their own doors and only then give the right away to the driver...
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    Coronavirus: Future of airlines and airports

    Some governments are making bailouts for their national airlines subject to environmental sustainability-related measures. In France, the government will not Air France carry domestic passengers on routes where their is a rail alternative taking 2h30 or less (though passengers can be carried...
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    Happy Ticket - splitting tickets at Arlon

    The question is whether the rule that certain tickets may not be combined with other for international journeys is even enforced. In the terms and conditions of use of a few - but not all - Belgian domestic ticket types, there is a clause expressly stating that the ticket cannot be combined with...
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    Is a BahnCard worth it for international trips through Germany?

    Yes, it may be worth buying a BahnCard for journeys across Germany, depending on the exact journeys you make. Until a couple of years ago, BahnCard 25 holders received 25% off these tickets (with the exception of the London-Spezial, where the discount was a fixed sum of 5 euros). Now, the...
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    Eurostar - alighting early

    Calais - Dunkirk/Dunkerque services are currently not running due to the strike in France and are replaced by three buses a day (timetable). You have to take two buses to get from Dunkirk/Dunkerque to De Panne. To the left of the station concourse, there is a small bus station where you can...
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    Ticket offices where you can buy Interrail

    I presume so, as I bought one at Schaffhausen station a few years ago without any problem.
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    Italy-Switzerland ticketing

    There is information on Sparbillette (translated as 'supersaver fares') here. When you find an itinerary in the journey planner, click to see the ticketing options and there is information on the availability and price of such tickets.
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    Buying rail Tickets to Germany at St. Pancras

    According to the DB website, sales of London-Germany through tickets will cease on 14 March and tickets cannot be bought for journeys after this date (the German language page gives more precise details). I would be interested to know whether others have manage to book such tickets successfully...
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    Italy-Switzerland ticketing

    SBB also offers discounted tickets which are valid on the booked train only (Sparbillette), but we don't know whether the tickets the OP considered buying were Sparbillette or flexible tickets. Through tickets from Milano to Canton Ticino using regional trains can be bought here (at least in...
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    Interrail isn't worth it

    I have generally found Interrail to be poorer value than the cheapest available point-to-point booked train only ('Advance'-like) tickets when booked months advance, even when making long journeys. However, if the aim is not to get places but to spend time on trains (meaning more intensive use...
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    I will never do a 20 min Eurostar - ICE change at Brussels Midi again

    The problem with not offering tight connections at Brussels Midi/Zuid is that the total journey time becomes much longer for UK-Netherlands/Germany, making rail much less attractive compared to the alternatives. Of course this exacerbated if denying passengers the option of a 20 minute...
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    Playing an instrument

    I had piano lessons from age 7 to 17 and got to about Grade 7 standard, though didn't take exams after Grade 4. I had a lesson of about 30-40 minutes each week and then did an hour or two of practice a week (far too little to get good at it quickly), meaning a total of about 2 hours per week x...