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    Wateroo station

    AIUI, all underground platforms were closed at Waterloo, due to the very few services due to the death of a little **** (or vandal) near Surbiton yesterday afternoon.
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    Best. Auction. Ever.

    Was on Fox FM in Oxfordshire this evening as well!
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    Enthusiasts getting access to depots

    Take it that was the open day they held a few years back?
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    Stolen Bus Crashes into Railings

    Point one - where does it say the engine was left running?? :? Also in theory, if you left your car unlocked to post a letter for a few seconds , you'd be OK if it got stolen??
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    Woman, 89, hit by double-decker

    Well of course it would, as the question would have to be asked as to why she was on the tracks at the time! :roll: As it was on the road, it's not such a big safety problem, so to speak!
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    London 19/11

    Take it you mean 4 coach 222s!
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    It's getting colder :(

    Oops, apologies, typo! :oops: Now amended! :D
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    Christmas Tube strikes 'possible'

    Obviously you're not from London! :D There is no need to use the tube unless you are running late, as all stations in zone 1 are within walking distance of any other!!
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    Edinburgh Bus/Tram

    I love nice sensible quotes!! :roll: Care to explain your reasoning?? Also the burning bendy problem was due to a pipe problem which has now been rectified, so you're only about 2 years behind the times!
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    Why do bus companies get away with it?

    Good to see someone giving the subject some thought, rather than the usual easier method of blind media bashing! Well done Marv.
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    Why do bus companies get away with it?

    Think before you post!!! :roll: :roll: Do you really mean to suggest that Yorkie takes pleasure from people being killed in road accidents, because I for one certainly don't find it in the least bit amusing. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
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    It's getting colder :(

    So why was spm_43030's thread deleted then?? For those of you who didn't get to read it before it was removed, he announced his departure, but criticised certain aspects of the forum. Presumably the mods here at RailUK couldn't take this and decided to remove it! :roll: Gotta love...
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    Off Route....or Odds and Ends

    Last night, Tube diverted between junctions 3 and 4 of M40. Instead of normal A40 deviation, my one decided to go via Flackwell Heath! :shock:
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    Children injured in fall from bus

    Nice attempt at a link, but sadly it was a coach company, not a bs company! :wink: Anyway, surely it is the victims' fault for not wearing seatbelts!
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    numbers help!