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  • Hi fella I have from one of our local blogs April 2013 First fleet lists tried to attach to here but wouldnt work would it be better to email ??
    Tim in Suffolk
    Hi, I see it looks bleak for my early February visit to Fife as my hopes I could do some of the B10's if I struggle for olympians looks like it will be over before I arrive. I hate Darts they really are the most uncomfortable buses compared to a B10. Just because they have low floors doesn't make them any good. I have to say I'm not impressed by this news and the bad timing of it.
    I noticed one of First Northampton's Scania fleet parked up on one of the bays in the Bus Station yesterday with its First branding taped over, I did not manage to get the fleet number but even the driver of the bus that I was on slowed down and took a look! - I wonder if this is in preparation for anything to happen sooner then we think?.
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