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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    I saw a two-car 195 coming through Hazel Grove tonight around 19.30 towards Stockport. No passengers onboard. Testing a route?
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    Whats the most successful Locomotive or Unit in the UK?

    HST is the obvious candidate. A true icon. 390 Pendolinos are bound to end up as successful. They have hammered up and down the WCML for almost twenty years and will probably do at least ten more in a age of much greater railway patronage. They are fantastic machines.
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    I was on two at the weekend in the Hope Valley. They were excellent. Fast, quiet, comfortable.
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    Worst UK train?

    Do you know what? You are right, the refurbishment is good from a cleanliness point of view. I suppose I have just been scarred by twenty years of degradation and dusty musty carriages. It is almost like they have had some extra sound deadening fitted. BUT from our local station you used to...
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    Worst UK train?

    It's not even close. Northern Class 150. Noisy. Cramped. Dirty. Bare fluorescent tube lighting like a Soviet bus in the 1970's. Noisier still from the platform. Windows need to be open in summer & winter for ventilation, means diesel fumes pouring in. Just the most basic train that...
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    So what is the Buxton upgrade from 150/156 if not 195? Surely they thought of this when specifying the new class of train? The old Sprinters can't carry on forever.
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    Experiences of TPE journeys on their new 'Nova' trains

    I had a ride in one last night from Manchester Oxford Road to Piccadilly (it was late as were numerous other services - one was cancelled due to congestion at 9.50pm! - broken railway) Anyway, the class 68 was very noisy, but I got on and it was quite swish, good PiS and clear automated...
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    TPE Nova 1 Class 802/2 Progress

    One passed over me on the bridge over the M60 South of Manchester this afternoon on it's way to the airport. It looked like it was from the future! Especially when compared to the normal 319s and 185s on that line, it was very eye-catching. I think the silver livery really helps. Lots of...