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    Somewhere to watch, in Huddersfield

    I don't know the area at all, but if you visit a website called you get all the info you should need
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    Did NR forget to weatherproof Reading Station?

    They did the same when they rebuilt Hillingdon Station in 1991, very nice with lots of glass but with the prevailing winds coming from the SW you get drowned going up the stairs from the WB platform to the booking hall in any kind of rain!
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    Driver to Controller

    Can't really comment on Network Rail, TOC's etc. but on LU very many Drivers T/op's) took promotion to the grade of Line Controller, the grade was fairly evenly balanced with ex Signalman and ex T/ops, interestingly though in LU Service Control Centres often ex Drivers made the transition better...
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    Extension to Overground announced in Budget.

    That's interesting, but will it mean the electrification of the GOBLIN?
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    Acton T.C.

    Thanks Mark, I didn't think that West Drayton had a traincare depot :-D Pete
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    Acton T.C.

    This one has me foxed as I've seen the use of "T.C." for other locations too, what I would like to know is, what does "T.C." stand for, is it Traincare? Thanks in advance for any help Pete
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    Base board for 00 gauge layout

    Stevieboy, Before you do go down the Ply/chipboard route have a look at Polyfoam, made by Knauf and sold as Spaceboard, it available in some B&Q and Wickes. It's light, rigid, and as long as you protect the edges with a strip of 9mm ply and the ends with 12mm ply it'll last a long time, I'm...
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    Railway Herald to become paid-for?

    Thanks Andy, I've registered and it looks a good Emagazine Pete
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    Railway Herald to become paid-for?

    Well I've had a look at it and I'm not impressed with the "New" format, the PDF method of publishing worked fine for me, but my verdict......goodbye RH. Pete
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    Aurora visible from North East

    Yes Peter that is the one I mean, my wife was a bit disgruntled at being dragged from her bed to see it, but agreed it was worthwhile. The last Aurora I saw was from Fishguard about 1998? or so, it was an early one, about 7.30 pm and started with a band of light on the NW horizon in the...
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    Aurora visible from North East

    Tonight should be good for Aurora watching weather permitting, the Earth was hit by a CME at 15.10 today. We had a very good Aurora in the London area back in 1988 when it was reported as being visible in Northern France. Pete Williams
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    Line Speed for the Metropolitan line from Finchley Road to Moor Park?

    Simon, Some of the Harrow non-stops were routed through platform 1 which included the Fast Uxbridge's which went "over the top" and regained the Uxbridge branch at West Harrow with a first stop at Rayners Lane. Pete
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    Continuity and other errors in British films/TV

    The one that sticks in my mind is from Van Der Valk, Van Der Valk sees his daughter onto a train at Amsterdam Centraal, as the doors close on the EMU, and the train departs the background sound is of a Paxman Valenta powering up. Pete
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    Trains Carrying Marksmen to Shoot Rats?

    Although it's not down tunnels, nor does it concern rats, but it was rumoured that train crew on the Epping-Ongar shuttle use to take air rifles to work to bag pheasants and rabbits! Pete
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    Signalling Centres...Good or Bad??

    Although it's a shame that smaller signal boxes are closing, but there is also the problems of maintenance, both of the building and the equipment. I started as a Signalman on LT back in 1965(a Box-Boy from 1963) and finished up in the Central Line Control centre in 2003, so having seen both...