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    Class 321 & 322 withdrawal updates

    This was announced yesterday - although it's certainly been rumoured / suggested on this forum for a while:
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    Where am I?

    Not Cardenden... but you are at least in the right country now. I have a vision of you gradually scouring every single line on Google Maps to try to find it...
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    Renewing passport online

    It most definitely is worth it - especially since you don't need to find a countersignatory.
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    Hotel Chains Discussion

    You have to request them when you book, not when you arrive - assuming you did request upon booking, how far ahead were you booking? I've recently done two nights in one of those rooms at about a month's notice for the purpose of a whole day's photography.
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    Renewing passport online

    I'd advise going to a post office instead; they can do the whole process there for you now, including taking the photo and checking it on the spot - nothing at all for you to fill in, and I got my new passport six days later...
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    General Knowledge Quiz

    This wouldn't be Thomas Austin, who introduced rabbits to Australia would it...?
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    Worst located and served taxi ranks at stations that have them?

    Berney Arms would have to be in with a shout...?! However, assuming you mean stations which do have taxi ranks there must be quite a few where there are routinely no taxis, but I do think you may be on to a winner with Doncaster.
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    London-Frankfurt service happening?

    GV might be "Grande Vitesse" for when on the French high speed lines? For this, I am thinking the the F and B might be the conventional lines in those countries?
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    Where am I?

    My fiendishness has worked, then... It's nowhere near South London... :smile:
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    Euston to Windermere ticket route validity

    Thank you, and to answer the specific points: Bletchleyite: They're mid 80s, so if they can't get a seat reservation it wouldn't be ideal for them to try without one. Watershed: The idea of the Northern service is it gives a decent connection time, plus it starts from Crewe, and... Kite159...
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    Euston to Windermere ticket route validity

    I am asking this on behalf of my parents who are going to Windermere right in the middle of the Avanti emergency timetable period. They already have "any permitted" tickets but no reservations; in the event of their being unable to get a reservation on Avanti ( because there will be so few...
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    Where am I?

    Thank you... ( and I mean the IET that's occupying the platform and is under the footbridge... ) now, here is the one I was on the point of doing the other day... and I hope it's fiendish enough to cause quite a bit of head scratching!!! Where is this suburban-looking delight? Once again, the...
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    Where am I?

    Gloucester. The five car GWR liveried IET was a big clue...
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    How cold should aircon be set on public transport?

    When the 460s were first introduced on the Gatwick Express, I was on one once which was most definitely set far too cold. There was a thick build up of ice at the lower edges on the inside of the windows... and yes, this was in summer.
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    Comedic "things you would ban": minor things that irritate you

    We haven't had a good and appropriate thread coupling for a while - but this one just now should not go without being recorded! I say... yes, let's ban mosquitoes in the UK. Just the insect ones, to be clear. The World War 2 aircraft ones are OK.