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    Gold Card 'grace period extension'

    Having purchased a new annual travel card online, I am waiting for the gold record card to arrive in the post. I want to use the discount on the 2nd Jan, and was told my existing gold record card, which expires December 31st, would be accepted. Apparently, "staff are instructed to allow a...
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    London (zone 3) to Gatwick airport - annual pass

    Very strange. I've managed to get the £3,560 ticket, but only if you put Gatwick first. I wonder how many people pay too much just because they put the London station first?!
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    London (zone 3) to Gatwick airport - annual pass

    Thanks for you replies. I tried New Cross Gate to Gatwick on the Thameslink website, but there is no option costing £3,560. The cheapest option is £3,296 but that's not valid though London Terminals (which I assume includes London Bridge). Why would Thameslink and NR websites not show the...
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    London (zone 3) to Gatwick airport - annual pass

    Could somebody please advise the cheapest option for annual travel between Pontoon Dock DLR and Gatwick airport? E.g. is it a zone 1-3 Oyster card and a separate Thameslink ticket from London Bridge to Gatwick? Can you buy a ticket that covers the whole journey? (I tried this on the...