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    Barrow in Furness Station subway

    Just to add a little to my previous post. On reflection, I think that the through train to Euston started at Workington rather than Whitehaven. That would make more sense. Looking back it seems amazing that so many smallish towns like Workington, Whitehaven, Millom, Barrow, Ulverston and Grange...
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    Ely North Junction upgrade proposals

    Are there any maps of what is proposed so that those of us not familiar withy the area can understand the changes better ?
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    Barrow in Furness Station subway

    Barrow originally had 4 through platforms all accessed via the subway. Platform 4 was closed years and years ago though the buildings still stood for ages. Platform 3 was converted into a bay platform for northbound trains around the 70s/80s, I cannot be specific. While it was still a through...
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    Barrow in Furness Station subway

    A pity they did not keep Platform 3 as a through platform.
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    Salisbury to Romsey blocked by a land slip.

    I am surprised that anyone wishing to travel from Salisbury to either Southampton or Portsmouth going via Basingstoke will be charged a higher fare than going by bus through Romsey. In the circumstances that seems like an entirely reasonable alternative route.
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    East-West Rail: Progress and updates

    Is passive provision being made during the build for future electrification ?
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    Dunbar station upgrade progress (new platform on 'Down' side)

    So are there 3 lines through Dunbar ? The video seems to show three. What is the middle line used for ? Non-stop London bound trains, or is it bi-directional ?
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    SWR Single Track Awful Decision Making Again

    If the London bound train was held for 25 mins at Chard, that sounds as if the Exeter bound train had not even left Yeovil Junction yet. Therefore, for a short period of time, no trains must have running on the single line section. From a non railwayman's point of view, that does indeed seem...
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    Southampton Airport Parkway - car park availability?

    Weekends no problem. Weekdays (and this may seem surprising considering the number of spaces), yes there can be a problem. I'm a leisure traveller and have to pay for the parking myself so would not dream of paying £15.70, yet there are enough business travellers and season tickets regulars to...
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    Werrington grade separation approved

    That's fine. I realise that most freight was routed via Lincoln. I was not aware that no freight at all was routed via the ECML, I thought some still was, hence my question.
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    Werrington grade separation approved

    Thanks for the map, appreciated. I don't know if any freight still come down the ECML on the Up Slow from Grantham direction. If they did and wanted to go to Felixstowe, I take it that they will still have to cross both the Up Fast and the Down Fast somewhere north of Peterborough in order to...
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    Werrington grade separation approved

    If anyone has a diagram of the new layout that has been approved, it would be appreciated.
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    Cabinet rail misery.

    If only Grayling had not cancelled/paused the electrification between York and Leeds then there would have been an electrified diversionary route for their train to take. I hope they take their displeasure out on Grayling.
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    GWR - cancelled trains and Delay/Repay

    My claim was from Bath Spa to Fareham for which I enclosed my ticket. I left Bath Spa at 13:36 expecting to arrive at Fareham at 15.27. I arrived on the train scheduled to arrive at 16.27. GWR said that it actually arrived at 16.26. Being just an ordinary passenger, I can't say I looked at my...
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    Delay/Repay - Journies involving two train comapnies

    Thanks. The journey was last summer. I've put it behind me now as I have not kept all the correspondence. I do make this journey reasonably regularly so will certainly be on the ball if it happens again, especlally now that I know from the support here that the compensation is judged on the...