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    Hanson & Hall/Branch Line Society 'Thanet Thunderer' Class 50 railtour on 31st July

    Are Class 50’s cleared for Thanet ? Just asking
  2. PP57601

    37510 Railtour (2nd October 2021)

    SATURDAY 2nd OCTOBER 2021 Join Alan Spencer and friends aboard a birthday charter train hauled by a Class 37 (37510 requested) and a ROG Class 57/3 (in top n tail formation). The route is: Derby (approx. 08:00 pu) - Burton on Trent - Elford Loop - Kingsbury Jn - Hams Hall Arrival Line (subject...
  3. PP57601

    Micro Gricing opportunities lost and gained with new Timetable (Quail level)

    Does the 18:40 Prudhoe - Morpeth not use the crossover upon departure?
  4. PP57601

    Tyne Valley Line timetable updates

    Can anyone confirm if the 18:40 Prudhoe - Morpeth departs in service via the Newcastle end crossover, or does it do an ECS shunt between arrival and departures? Thanks in advance!
  5. PP57601

    Trivia: Big City, Sleepy Sunday First Trains Out.

    If demand existed, then I'm certain GWR (and other TOC's) would run something earlier. Additionally, overnight engineering possessions play a big part in Sunday morning start times!