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    In your opinion what is the most depressing song you've listened to?

    Bryan Adams - Everything I Do I Do It For You Shakespear’s Sister - Stay The Cranberries - Linger
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    I was going to put it in with the main text, but thought of putting it as a spoiler to protect the clues in case the answer comes up again at a future date.
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    What's the funniest song ever

    Continuing with the theme of trains but maybe pushing the definition a bit, I would give an honourable mention to the original Thomas The Tank Engine theme when remixed with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
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    Another thing to point out upon completing yesterday’s Tuble. The game suggests that Goldhawk Road is 14 stops away from Parsons Green (the answer), when in fact it is only 7 (or 8 if you consider Hammersmith to be two separate stations with the OSI between the Circle/Hammersmith and...
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    Trivia: Songs that remind you of a particular location on the railway

    We already have 3 music related threads on the go, but here’s another one for fun. Are there any songs that remind you of a specific place, or bring back a good memory on the railway? These don’t necessarily have to be songs about railways or trains. For example, the 1997 song Ready To Go by...
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    What's the funniest song ever

    Fat Les - Vindaloo
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    What's the Happiest Song You've Listened to?

    And Nile Rodgers too. In fact I’d say anything featuring him would get my vote. Nothing more uplifting than one of his many funky guitar riffs!
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    What's the funniest song ever

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    Trivia: Strike-Induced Timetable Trivia

    Possible trivia questions relating to this topic could be: Most used stations on the strike days Biggest difference between passenger numbers at a station on strike days compared to normal operating days* Stations with higher patronage on strike days than normal operating days* Stations with no...
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    Trivia: Strike-Induced Timetable Trivia

    Is any data being collected on passenger numbers over the strike days? If so, it would be trivia in itself to find comparisons between those and usual daily figures.
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    Trivia: Strike-Induced Timetable Trivia

    And Bournemouth too!
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    Trivia: Strike-Induced Timetable Trivia

    How about stations which have a better service on strike days than during a normal weekday?
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    Could a re-cast of services between Reading and Paddington provide more capacity?

    And yet people fly from London to New York via Amsterdam all the time!
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    Should the Isle of Wight ferries be renationalised and better integrated with the National Rail network?

    I probably should have explained clearer, but I would argue that Portsmouth - Ryde and Portsmouth - Fishbourne are part of the same route that just serve different markets. Fishbourne is just a convenient place for vehicular traffic to load/unload, but I imagine a proportion of its traffic is...
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    Should there be HS2 trains from Birmingham Curzon Street to the north upon completion of phase 1?

    This is why even when HS2 is fully operational from London to Manchester, there still needs to be direct Manchester - South coast/South West trains on the classic lines, even if they become slower by having more stops added. But of course if there was a short link from the Curzon Street HS2...