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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    I think that's probably right. It also maintains work for electrification designers and contractors so they can continue to build experience rather than lose it.
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    HS2 frequency to remain at 18 trains per hour confirms minister

    And that doesn't include NPR services. I think the aspiration is for 6tph Sheffield-Leeds, and I can imagine Sheffield would also want some sort of direct service to York and beyond bypassing Leeds. Even if those aspirational frequencies are cut back it's still a huge number of trains. The...
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    Peter Parker's High Speed railway

    Sorry, but what are you talking about? You seem to be complaining that we haven't built enough high speed lines and at the same time complaining that HS2 is building too much line. Which one is it? HS2 actually has some fairly obvious compromises such as not having Birmingham Curzon Street as a...
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    Peter Parker's High Speed railway

    Indeed. The crucial difference was that the French network had surplus capacity on their existing urban lines and stations in Paris and other cities. Therefore, with a few exceptions, their high speed infrastructure did not need to extend into urban areas. By contrast, most UK cities have...
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    Peter Parker's High Speed railway

    That's unfair to HS2 I think. LGVs don't generally need to build new or extended stations or routes through major cities because there is capacity available (apart from Lille and Marseilles where they did build new dedicated routes through urban areas). The situation is completely different in...
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    Crossrail/Elizabeth Line: Central Section Asset Handover

    You'd think so, but alas NCE has not had that for a while. Its business case has been scuppered by job adverts moving online. It has shifted from weekly to monthly and from the look of it runs with a skeleton staff. Unfortunately much of its content is now rehashed press releases.
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    Reading to Paddington record

    When I worked in Reading in a rail office in the late 90s a colleague claimed Paddington - Reading had been done in 17 minutes pre-ATP. Take this with a dollop of salt, of course.
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    Most exhilarating station approach

    I was going to go for Kingswear. But then I remembered Beddgelert.
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    HS2 frequency to remain at 18 trains per hour confirms minister

    Good. No point saving a small % on the construction cost to cut capacity by over 20%.
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    The economics of electrification in the age of bi-modes

    Certainly. This would tend to benefit routes which are served by slower but fairly long branches off a main line which are not intensively used but would be costly to electrify. Things like Plymouth-Penzance, Carnforth-Barrow and Northallerton-Middlesbrough. The problem is that under the...
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    As a Yorkshireman I'm ever keen to be ahead of our Lancastrian friends, but to be fair to LMR weren't the redundant tracks on a separate line thus precluding any easing of curves?
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    In the absence of a long term commitment from government to a rolling electrification programme, maybe there is some sense is eking out the electrification schemes to maintain continuity of work for the engineering teams. It may be that they a going ahead with the parts of TRU that don't...
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    Trivia: Which major UK town has the least direct route from London?

    How are we measuring this? Distance by rail / Straight line distance? Best I can get is Hull.
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    Hope Valley Capacity Scheme

    The slight difference being that none of those projects were on a live railway. If you're willing to shut the railway I'm sure the Dore loop could be built much quicker.