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    Stations rebranded to Great British Railways design / Rail Alphabet 2

    It will be good to for Puddington get away from the awful Great Western seriffed face.
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    Services with the most "train reverses here"

    Not a British example, but the service I took 3 between 1966 and 1981 from Calais as far as Innsbruck reversed several times. Ones or twice in Northern France during the night (I don't recall which or where), plus Zürich, Sargans and Buchs. There is now a new route at Sargans which obviates...
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    3rd rail vs OHLE

    High voltage AC was pioneered by the Bern Lötschberg Simplon (BLS) railway in Switzerland. It used 15kV at low frequency (16 2/3 Hz). It was originally supplied by frequency converters of the Forces Mortice Bernois (FMB). Low frequency was adopted because of problems starting trains with...
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    Glasgow Queen Street refurbishment and remodelling

    How awful. Does anyone remember the Berlins Bar? It seems to have been airbrushed out of history.
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    Troon Station Fire (17/07/2021)

    Around the time the fire started, two trains passed through non-stop. Perhaps the investigation might like to ask whether keeping the trains running resulted in a delay in isolating the the OHLE. Did that delay in isolation prevent timely fire-fighting with the consequence the building was lost?
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    Flooding disruption (12/07)

    Apologies. Thinking of a different fire.
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    Troon Station Fire (17/07/2021)

    Devastating. I wonder if the chimney stack can be retained?
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    Flooding disruption (12/07)

    As of Friday, it seems that the Euston to Watford DC service is still out action south of South Kenton. Does this result from the substation fire?
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    Who maintains and updates National Rail Enquiries?

    A lot of negative comment about NRE here but I think it is a very useful resource. It is my go too site for journey planning. My only major whinge is that the click through links to TOCs or ticket buying sometimes fail. I have a minor whinge about some of the language used to describe...
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    Tunnel Re-boring

    There is a redundant tunnel alongside the present Standedge tunnel. There may be options involving that. Noting of course that there may be difficulties an complications involved. One option that was suggested (these fora passim?) was to reroute the line into the redundant tunnel while...
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    WCML Disruption in Scotland (02/02/2021)

    It was retrofitted (SIMBIDS?) to the GWML about 1989 when I lived in Batheaston with a view of the signals protecting Bathamton Jct.
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    WCML disruption - Grayrigg 28/06

    Interesting that this clearly had a problem at Carnforth being delayed there for 51 mins. It is of course very easy to carp from the sidelines, particularly with the benefit of hindsight, but it might have been better to keep it there where there are the facilities to get it off/keep it off the...
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    Linslade Tunnel - Why so architecturally elegant?

    19th Century railway engineers built tunnels with imposing portals to calm the nerves of passengers. They though that an imposing portal gave comfort that the whole tunnels was strong enough to avoid collapses. Sadly some tunnels were fraudulently deprived of adequate brick linings. This...
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    London to Glasgow Non-Stop

    Which rather illustrates the lack of ambition in "HS2" The PLM Ligne a Grande Vitesse when it opened in 1981 cut the Paris to Lyon (Part Dieu?) journey by more than half to 2h.