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    What's your latest acquisition?

    I'm comparing it to a Olivias sound 20 I had a year or two back. Maybe I'm just being too picky
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    What's your latest acquisition?

    A 20/3 in DRS colours is my latest. Runs very well, but I find the sound file doesn't seem quite right. The 20s have a very distinctive tick over, which somehow seems more muffled.
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    East Midlands Railway short formed services

    I think the Robin Hood line argument applies equally to the Derwent Valley line, though I suspect passengers on both routes are enjoying more comfortable journeys.
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    East Midlands Railway livery and station branding

    So is this unit in the SET or EMT Stagecoach livery?
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    about SBB Re4/4, Re6/6, EWII withdrawal and replacement trains

    One of the strengths of the Swiss system was to be able to add extra coaches to cope with demand at busy times with two or three coaches, including driving trailer, slotted onto a train, the the locomotive working fron front, back or even within the set. On one occasion I was staying in Thalwil...
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    Revised EMR Regional Timetables - From 19th June

    We are told ministers are questioning why traveller numbers are not recovering quicker to pre-CoVid levels. Well maybe take a look at the EMT mayhem. DfT needs look closely at this. Mismanagement at best
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    Revised EMR Regional Timetables - From 19th June

    I'm assuming that when the TOCs held their franchise contracts, DfT could financially penalise or remove the contract of an underperforming company, but what if any powers does DfT have now?
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    Brexit matters

    Carbon footprint? If we bought pork, maybe the pigs can fly themselves here!
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    East Midlands Railway short formed services

    It seems to me the service has deteriorated badly since Abellio took over from Stagecoach, as has the quality.
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    Cost of bi-modes v's wiring-up

    Following various overhead problems over recent times, how does the cost of 3rd rail electrification compare in terms of cost?
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    Remaining EMR HST Diagrams

    RTT maynot be 100% accurate but it's free and I'm certainly not aware of anything better, so I'd hate to lose it.
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    Is hotel availability and high pricing affecting leisure and/or business rail travel?

    I suspect that some in hospitality will be hoping to see a significant surge in demand for hotel nights, particularly in high tourism areas and they may be correct. Experience would suggest however that the market will quickly find its own level. My daughter will be away on Sunday night and I...
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    Ideas for future model railways that you’ve had and would like to make.

    If I were starting a new layout and depending upon the space available, I think I'd do a preserved line with the station linked to he main line, which would allow a freedom to run any stoic I fancied along with a sprinter type service feeding the site. Failing that, if space was tight, I'd have...