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    What is your favourite station in the UK?

    Mines has to be Birmingham New Street.
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    Trivia: Stations with no scheduled services passing through non-stop

    If I understood the question correctly you can add Dumbarton Central onto the list.
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    TPE Manchester Airport < > Scotland Cancellations

    5 trains cancelled today between Manchester/Liverpool to Edinburgh. I've noticed the problem seems to be services going west to east and vice versa, the Glasgow run seems fine compared to Edinburgh
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    Has anybody ever sued Network Rail or a Train Operator and been successful (for being stranded)?

    No because this hasn't happened to me, this was a hypothetical discussion
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    Has anybody ever sued Network Rail or a Train Operator and been successful (for being stranded)?

    Let me paint a picture, say you are coming back from Holiday, it's late at night, you have just left the Airport and can't wait to get home you turn up at the train station and, shock horror, the last train of the night was cancelled. You had previously booked your ticket in advance and the...
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    TPE Manchester Airport < > Scotland Cancellations

    As i have said I have had no problems at all with TPE going up to Glasgow just a bit concerned about heading up with all these recent cancellations
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    TPE Manchester Airport < > Scotland Cancellations

    Surely given the time of year and the numbers of people travelling they would be better prepared, but logic doesn't seem to exist on the railways anymore! Also, the new timetable change will probably not go very smoothly. I will be on the 09:26 service to Glasgow.
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    TPE Manchester Airport < > Scotland Cancellations

    Hmm but my destination is Glasgow not Edinburgh, they are responsibile for getting me to Glasgow, not to Edinburgh which is an hour or so away by coach to Glasgow and that extra hour could be used to get me to Glasgow directly. So i don't really see the point in that unless you're joking of course.
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    TPE Manchester Airport < > Scotland Cancellations

    Strange, why would it go through the ECML if it is a straight run on the WCML to Glasgow? Doesn't really make much sense. I've used TPE many times and never really had a problem with them going to/from Glasgow.
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    TPE Manchester Airport < > Scotland Cancellations

    I'm travelling to Glasgow on the 23rd to see family over the Christmas period. All these Edinburgh cancellations do not give me great confidence that my Glasgow train will run. Are TPE running coaches on the full route if a train is cancelled or are you pretty much left stranded? I have an...
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    Whats with TPE cancelling a lot of Edinburgh trains lately?

    I've noticed there has been a hell of a lot of cancellations for trains going to Edinburgh lately, whats going on? Glasgow seems fine.
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    Have TPE finally given up on the Scarborough service

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    Travelling to St Pancras from a city/town outside London

    I've heard you can get a cheap train ticket to St Pancras if you are travelling from outside London e.g. Manchester - Paris via Eurostar. How do i get this option when booking a ticket? I don't want to book the whole journey as one journey but rather Manchester - St Pancras, St Pancras to Paris.
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    Northern - is the bad PR unfair?

    I think the PR is fair and justified. I think Northen expect people to moan about cancellations, delays and whatever else and then just go about there day as normal. With the disastrous timetable change that happened earlier in the year and Northens awful handling of it and the outrage from...
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    Why are some Pendolinos in all white livery?

    I live and work in Manchester and where I work is right beside the approach onto Piccadilly station in Ardwick and recently when I have been daydreaming looking out the window onto the railway I have seen a fair few Pendolinos in an all white livery I presume it is to do with Virgin losing the...