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  • Hi Railman, Hope you don't mind me contacting you, i am applying for the trainee driver role at edinburgh depot, and had a question if you wouldn,t mind answering, you stated on a post last oct about you giving a mini style presentation about first group and scotrail for the driver manager interview, was yours based on first group as a whole, ie bus and rail division or was it general company info then more detail on first scotrail? I failed my interview last dec ( the nerves got the better of me) after passing the first assessments.
    Thanks in advance David
    Hi railman,
    Thanks for great info, did you also goto a station to pick a drivers brain? plus did you have to bring 300 words to the interview on why you think you would make a good train driver etc...
    Cheers again for your help
    Hi railman,
    Sorry to use the chat piece here but i have just been invited for the first interview and I was wondering if you can give a little info on what the questions are like etc....
    Here's hoping
    Thanks for that, I'm on holiday just now so can't phone until I'm back but fingers crossed there'll be a contract waiting on me.
    Hey railman, I noticed you will be starting at Motherwell soon, I will also be starting at Motherwell and I am awaiting for a start date. I was just wondering how you found out about your start date?
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