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    Hope Valley Capacity Scheme

    More even than that. By 1968 Stewart Joy was a major adviser to Barbara Castle. He later became Chief Economist at British Railways. Mr. Joy had examined railway track costs in detail - via a doctorial thesis at the LSE - and had concluded that Dr. Beeching had to some extent missed the point...
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    Untold truths-Great Train Robbery

    Thanks to this thread, I've now in the past few days read both books by Mr. Satchwell and have enjoyed them hugely. I'll read them again in about six months but this time An Inspector Recalls will come first. (That's a brilliant title. I'm sure J. B. Priestley would have been amused!)
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    Extended bridges which have seen very few trains

    During the 1960s, in the Hackney Wick area of east London, the (then A102M, now A12 Extension) urban motorway was built which necessitated construction of a major new railway bridge to carry the North London Line from Victoria Park Junction to Bow Goods depot. The passenger service along that...
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    Selby to York via Closed Route

    Thank you gentlemen. I've always thought the old route via Selby was shorter but the difference is smaller than I'd realised. There was of course a 45 mph speed restriction through Selby so I suppose B. R. was secretly pleased to be given an alternative route.
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    Selby to York via Closed Route

    What is the distance between Doncaster and York via the current route?
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    Trivia: Which major town has the least direct route from London?

    Do you mean the worst closure or the worst railway line?
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    Disused Railways: Should tracks have been lifted in the 60s?

    It also started long before Beeching; e. g. the LNWR station in Oxford.
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    Are you an Essential Worker in London? If so, we want to hear from you

    Quite possibly, but we're discussing whether or not London's buses are carrying far fewer passengers than previously.
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    Are you an Essential Worker in London? If so, we want to hear from you

    My experience is that London's buses are pretty empty at the moment in both inner and outer suburbs. Go to a major bus hub like Stratford, Hammersmith or Vauxhall and watch the buses pull out with about ten people on board.
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    Routes which had more trains operating 25-30 years ago than today?

    It may just have been TfL padding the timetable to make it easier to achieve good time keeping statistics!
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    Could a pay-per-use road charging scheme powered by vehicle data reporting be viable?

    Although London has a far higher percentage of people using public transport than anywhere else in the country, that does not mean Londoners have abandoned cars. Almost every residential street in inner London has bumper-to-bumper car parking at night. In the outer suburbs, many homes facilitate...
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    Routes which had more trains operating 25-30 years ago than today?

    I thought one of the side benefits of phasing out slam doors was a reduction in dwell time at stations.
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    Government - Increase use of public transport

    Absolutely. A population of 6,500 qualifies as a small town.
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    Get Carter opening train scenes

    Neither have I! I'm now going to watch the film again! I haven't seen it since it first came out.