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    Jump to neutral?

    Not just cab pic, power itself goes off. Sometimes when you ease the brake when stopping, sometimes as you power up, and sometimes just when it feels like it!!
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    Jump to neutral?

    A while ago I (re-) installed BVE4 from scratch onto a newly formatted hard drive. Previously it had worked perfectly but now tthe reverser randomly jumps to neutral (all lines, all traction). I had asked around and was told it was a gremlin in my PC, but now I see in the 'how to run BVE in...
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    reverser problem

    The old installation was on the old hard drive - the new installation is on a freshly formatted drive, and the fault appeared immediately.
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    reverser problem

    I've just reinstalled BVE4 using a fresh core program then copied all old files from one hard drive to the other. BUT - now nearly every time I look at the TT, or release/reapply the brakes, etc. etc. the reverser goes to neutral. Happens with all routes and all stocks. I've asked around all...
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    SVR Damaged due to Rain

    And full commiserations from a WSR man. We seem to have escaped unscathed (this time....) but have suffered in the past, through submersion rather than washouts, and even then, with 3 nearly-evenly-spaced passing loops we tend not to be too badly affected.
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    BBC Great British Design Quest

    Concorde failed because the bean counters got their sums wrong.......and with the advances in electronics in 30 years there was no realistic chance of upgrading. As to Beck's map - depends on what EXACTLY folks were voting for. As a concept it deserved every prize in the book, but the...
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    Call for metric road signs- death of the mile.

    So long as we do business with the USA (particularly engineering / space research etc.) we will have to be able to work in imperial. In exactly the same way that the French don't DO speaking English, the Yanks don't DO metric. And the cost of change on the roads will be so much that no...
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    Light rail is worse than miniture railway?

    It's American - enough said!!!
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    More dodgy dealings by airlines

    Stuff treating people decently Stuff morality What they have done is almost certainly ILLEGAL under British disability laws (which is where the flight started) and I hope they are fined the maximum. What they have done is humiliate people who have done nothing wrong
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    Freight Train Derailment between Barry & Bridgend

    Lots- for example was there anything on the line? They must eliminate criminal activity, though in this case it shouldn't take long. BTW I wonder what the passengers will make of the carriages once the coal has been removed :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    GCR - Massive Losses

    If you want friendly come to WSR :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: We too have delays but the crews try to 'get back' the timetable ASAP (within safety and line limits of course :lol: :twisted: :) :wink: :!: ). As with any railway it's generally excellent but if it goes wrong there are always...
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    92 stock ATO

    But surely if the end-aim is a certain number of TPO, this defeats the whole object :? :? :? :?
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    GCR oppose housing developement at Loughborough

    Only just read this thread. At Minehead a whole mini-estate of houses was built right near the line at Seaward Way a couple of years ago. Now OUR ops notices remind us not to sound whistles (even when shunting the yard can you believe) or make excessive noise in the yard so as not to cause...
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    Nuclear Trains - Terrorist Targets?

    Because Londoners consider themselves more important than any one else in the world? :?: :?: :?: BTW I too have seen the video of the 'peak into a flask' and impressive it is too. There is no way that even a determined terrorist could get into one of those things
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    Speed Cameras

    Not true. You drive into an area you have never been before: 5 miles on there is a speed camera: there are no speed limit repeater signs: what is the bl**dy limit? Most of us drivers are human, not robots or superman. If train drivers (back on thread!) need a visual to remind them of the...