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  • Kelv a lot of the recruitment at Colas has been through refer a friend scheme but there are a few who have done what your doing.I don't want to glam the job up it has its ups and downs I have to admit it's the best job I've had just look at the worse part of it first weekend working doing more hours when they have an overrun on renewal sites lodging away sometimes yes it can be dirty but these machines are a workhorses they need a lot of maintenance good look with your CV.
    thanks for that mate, it's wait & see for the moment as i didnt even go through their conventional application process, just a phone call enquiring and urged to zap a cv to them. i think from what she was saying they are struggling to get folk with indentured apprenticeships, I finished mine in 89 and to be honest there werent many years following that firms took apprentices on. Coupled with that a great many packed it all in around here (n/west) as there was no work & tons of older skilled fellas ... I did myself tbh after having to move abroad to find work.
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