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    Brexit matters

    Perhaps they could re-hire Jo Swinson as leader too, given what a success she was.
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    Grand or Smart Stations To Arrive At In Contrast To The Town It Serves

    Bridgwater has a Brunel-designed, grade II* listed station with large booking office, canopies and covered footbridge. It’s charming. The town…isn’t (apart from a few parts).
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    Brexit matters

    Glad to see that London has now reclaimed its top trading status, from Amsterdam.
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    Brexit matters

    It wasn’t a club, it was a prison
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    Brexit matters

    Who’s suggesting disenfranchising people?
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    Brexit matters

    Exactly - as people get older and more experienced they are more likely to turn to Leave.
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    Brexit matters

    Today is Brexit’s fifth birthday! A new poll from Savanta Comres shows that one in seven 2016 Remainers would vote not to rejoin the EU, compared to just one in ten Leavers who would. Overall, 51% of those polled would vote against rejoining the bloc in a second vote, with 49% in favour. Over...
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    Trivia - contrasting stations with similar CRS codes

    Poole (POO) has a lot more trains than Poppleton (POP), but a more unfortunate CRS code!
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    UK members, what is your preferred politcal party?

    Always vote Conservative except once (for the Brexit Party).
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    Signallers should no longer be referred to as "signalmen"

    I see no problem at all in referring to signalmen, firemen, binmen etc. Especially when the vast majority of (for example) firemen are men (93% in 2020) and there is no reason to suggest that this should change. There’s nothing wrong with accepting the reality that some roles are better suited...
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    Extensive TfW cancellations on Valley Lines - Sun 30/5

    Perhaps it’s because they got rid of their pacers!
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    The Batley & Spen by-election

    Alternatively it could split the Brexit vote, ie left-leaning ‘working class’ Brexiteers who might have voted Conservative without Galloway might be tempted to vote for him instead
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    Trivia - stations with too many platforms

    Bournemouth has at least 2 platforms that rarely see a passenger train.
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    Trivia: Train services with no intermediate stops

    Quite a few Looe to Liskeard trains have no intermediate passenger stops, and a few Par to Newquays too.
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    What is the busiest station without a staffed booking office?

    Bescot Stadium comes close to Warblington, only being open Mondays and Fridays for two hours, and most of the day on Saturday. Closed on every other day.