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    Where to see Class 20s at preserved railways?

    Nope. DRS currently don't use theirs, all stored until Autumn (RHTT's).
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    Westerleigh-Lindsey oil trains

    The train technically still runs, it just runs from Robeston rather than Lindsey Oil Refinery now.
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    The 'last' to do something on the railway

    With Wrawby Junction closing, the line down to Holton-le-Moor has to be resignalled, as York ROC won't be able to see tail lights at Wrawby Junction to give "Train Out of Section" to Holton-le-Moor after clearing the Absolute Block section!
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    The 'last' to do something on the railway

    On duty tonight at Holton-le-Moor Signal Box, I have had the honour of receiving the last 7-5-5 "Closing Signal Box" bell code from Wrawby Junction. Absolute Block controls & the Block Bells are now decomissioned, and some of Holton-le-Moor's signals have been signed out of use, ready for...
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    £100million investment of South Humberside mainline.

    I believe something along the lines of "Box decomissioned at xxxx hours", and presumably the 7-5-5 "Closing Signal Box" bell code is sent to the adjacent boxes at a similar time. Pasture Street SB currently controls the line between Littlefield Lane LC (between Marsh Junction SB & Grimsby...
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    £100million investment of South Humberside mainline.

    In the affected area, the boxes remaining open will be: Immingham Reception Sidings SB, Immingham West SB, Goxhill SB, Oxmarsh SB, Holton-le-Moor SB, Wickenby SB, Langworth SB, Lincoln SCC, Brigg SB, Kirton Lime Sidings SB, Northorpe SB, Gainsborough Central SB, Gainsborough Trent Junction SB...
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    £100million investment of South Humberside mainline.

    Swinderby is between Lincoln & Newark. Nothing to do with the North Lincolnshire resignalling! Scunthorpe PSB is remaining open after the resignalling this Christmas. Signal boxes east of Scunthorpe PSB, Brigg SB & Holton-le-Moor SB throughout to Cleethorpes are closing. This includes Appleby...
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    Immingham Signal Boxes

    Two of the three Immingham Signal Boxes (West & Reception Sidings) are remaining as they currently are after this Christmas/New Year North Lincolnshire resignalling (ABP own these rather than Network Rail, so are unaffected apart from some slight alterations). East will close as a Signal Box...
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    D-SLR Camera recommendations

    I recently upgraded from a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40 compact camera to a Nikon D3300 DSLR camera. After 3 months or so of getting used to it, I can thoroughly recommend it if you're just getting into DSLR photography. As it's an entry level DSLR, it's functions are easy to pick up, & there's a...
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    Freight off the road Langworth Lincs

    The tank trains, when diverted, tend to run via Scunthorpe & Chesterfield rather than Brigg. Avoids running through a congested Sheffield & I believe there are weight restrictions on the line via Mansfield.
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    Freight off the road Langworth Lincs

    It's buses or nothing! Both lines are blocked, so there's not a lot of choice in the matter.
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    Gated Level Crossings on UK mainlines - any left?

    Lincolnshire still has several gated crossings. As well as the ones previously mentioned, there's Pyewipe Road in Grimsby (on the Light Railway to Immingham), Roxton Sidings (between Barnetby & Grimsby Town), Bystaple Lane (between Ulceby & Thornton Abbey), Barton Lane (Thornton Abbey), Goxhill...
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    Skegness Station

    Last time I visited Skegness station, there was a sleeper chained over the track on the Platform 7 line near the Signal Box, so that platform cannot be used! I've only ever seen On Track Machines in Platform 2, and an Officer's Special (Class 37 & "Caroline") in Platform 5. With the level of...
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    Where are large areas of jointed track (formerly: Bolted Track)?

    On the subjest of the Ormskirk branch line, a lot of it is still jointed. When I travelled along it a couple of weeks ago on the Pathfinder tour, it made for a pleasant trip. The Barton-on-Humber branch line has quite a lot still between Ulceby & Barton (although some was replaced about a...