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    Class 60 Headlights - Is This True?

    Yes. The headlight only illuminates when the reverser is in direction.
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    LNER Class 91/Mk4 service status/withdrawals/2021 refurbishment

    The point is though, Azumas have curved bodies so a curved livery design works well. The 91 is more angular so the angles here look better (to my eye at least). Liveries should work with the body, not against.
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    HVAC on Caledonian Sleeper

    Hate to sound rude but this level of obsessing over the minimal dangers of Covid should be far more of a concern to you than Covid itself. It's time to live your life like I assume you did before in the face of cold and flu viruses...!
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    What could public transport do to encourage leisure journeys?

    I often hear this part in bold like it was some kind of achievement for the railway. The way I understand the figure is that it's referring to actual numbers? Surely the more relevant figure is what percentage of the population are using rail, otherwise it's just a simple result of the...
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    Are Class 700’s really that bad?

    700s just about made sense pre-COVID as rush hour people movers in light of a population that had been allowed to increase by six figures every year for many years previous. How we went from mostly 8 car trains with a few 4 cars during the rush hour on Thameslink to needing numerous 12 cars and...
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    Will the number of rail enthusiasts decline in the coming years?

    I absolutely get that and is just one part of the hobby. I suppose it depends how we define enthusiast. From my perspective, and perhaps a more traditional perspective, it's either someone who platform ends taking numbers or photos or "bashers". From your view then, what parts of the railway...
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    Will the number of rail enthusiasts decline in the coming years?

    I'd say this is true but I feel the fundamental difference is that as each generation passes, the raw numbers of people who mourn the loss of the once hated train decreases. For example, I am happy to wager that there were more people who hated the Deltics for replacing Steam than there were who...
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    Why the fear/anger (or similar) emotions around mask wearing?

    Look into the government's psychological "nudge" unit and the reasons for mask wearing will become clear. Unethical to say the least.
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    Class 321 & 322 withdrawal updates

    Would anyone be kind enough to post the 321 allocations for today? Thanks!
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    No 10 rule breaking gatherings during 2020.

    To be generous to Johnson, I would also agree with this. There could be many who are unhappy with his decision not to go in a lot harder over the past month or even last summer/autumn when there were zero restrictions. As things stand, I see no better alternative, as depressing as that is...
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    Vaccine pass regulations in England

    This tells you everything. LFTs are just a softener and despite being self-reported, still requires the person to show their "papers" to enter said events, hence normalising the idea of having to publicly prove your health status. This whole thing is just a normalisation of having papers that...
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    Omicron variant and the measures implemented in response to it

    Probably because it was entirely voluntary with zero coercion.
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    Omicron variant and the measures implemented in response to it

    It's quite simple in that whether you take or a vaccine or not should solely be based on health reasons. Not to take it to 'buy' your freedom or to refuse it to protest against the government.
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    London North Eastern Railway (LNER) First Class service

    Had a bacon roll served on a plate today and with proper rashers rather than suspect streaky. A nice change and a definite improvement from the paper bag.
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    Austria (and perhaps other European countries?) return to full lockdown

    I'd say it's a massive stretch as it directly breaches bodily autonomy in a way none of those other measures do except possibly the mask mandate. Even then, that and the other measures you mention are temporary/easily reversed. The taking of a vaccine goes to the very core of you as a physical...