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    Skegness HST 2020

    'Jolly fisherman' final HST service on this route :'(
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    a new first class menu has appeared.... spicy Thai green curry, chicken and rice, or sausage and mash are the new mains..
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    Grand Central missed connection - do you have to wait 4 hours?

    yes, just book the £12 GC advance from Donny, and get a cheap Northern ticket from Sunny Sheffield for £2 or £3, its cheaper and gives you more options..
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    We strongly recommend you do not travel but if you absolutely must, you can go via Leeds

    transpeak only runs between derby and buxton railway station these days, it could'nt compete when the Buxton-Manchester line went twice hourly. The best option from Derby would be via Stoke on trent to Manchester by rail.
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    RailUK First Class Lounge Guide

    reopens tomorrow, Monday 8th July,with a new decor, according to this:
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    Priv Travel on The Night Riviera

    GWR will not book it over the phone, i tried calling them recently, and they will only check availability. tried booking a twin berth on priv a few months ago, went to various stations in London, and booking office staff hadn't the fogyest what to do. gave up in the end, and took the 10.06 day...
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    TfW Heart of Wales Day Explorer - PRIVable?

    its here, and very handy too...
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    Edinburgh Airport to City and also Edinburgh Day ticket for bus

    I've done it in winter, in the snow.. You follow the tram tracks away from the airport, pleasant walk slightly downhill to ingliston Park and ride tram stop, worth it to save a fiver (on principle) , although I only went the one way, trams every few minutes to the city...
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    seems LNER have launched new menus in 1st class on their homepage,and all references to James martin have been removed. new 'signature evening meal' and also a different menu selection of food traveling north of Edinburgh.. hopefully these will be of the same (or better) standard as we are...
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    Stagecoach disqualified from three franchise competitions

    Feel exactly the same about Souter, avoid spending my cash at stagecoach operations for exactly the same reasons, where there is an alternative, as I am sure do many who were around In the 80s/90s...
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    PRIV Supplement on Night Riviera Sleeper

    tried to book yesterday at Charing Cross, after half an hour at the ticket office, was offered only seated accommodation at Priv rate for the 20th May, will pop to Paddington again next week, otherwise, we will have to take the 10am day train on the Tuesday :-( it really is a complicated booking...
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    PRIV Supplement on Night Riviera Sleeper

    Th Thanks for that.. So if I book the solo tickets, would that mean separate cabins? Do you think that is the best option in this case.. Will pop to Paddington next week to book it, some of the other ticket office staff look horrified when you ask about the sleeper...
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    PRIV Supplement on Night Riviera Sleeper

    Have been trying to book the N/R sleeper for a twin berth, travelling Padd to Penzance on Monday 20th May. Tried booking at Euston, and also Paddington but was only offered a super off peak fare, plus sleeper supplement which is much more expensive. Would anyone know if the quota is currently...
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    RailUK First Class Lounge Guide

    Also apparently wine on Wednesday and Friday in the Paddington lounge, and wine Wednesday evening on board trains after 6pm in first class (according to their website.)
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    Heathrow - Wembley Central (ret) avoiding Heathrow EXP

    Tfl rail to Paddington, then jump on the bakerloo direct to Wembley Central... Best option probably ..