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    Dominic Cummings alleged breach of lockdown rules discussion

    I've just checked the UK Government and Parliament Petitions website, expecting to see that several petitions had been submitted calling for Cummings to be sacked, but was surprised that I couldn't find any. Maybe people are thinking that these petitions generally don't achieve very much, or...
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    How essential to life is a smart phone in the 21st century?

    Except, at the time I remember reading several articles where bank staff had been tricked by criminals into providing one-time passwords for customers' accounts and that the banks were highly reluctant to reveal this weakness in their security.
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    How essential to life is a smart phone in the 21st century?

    My Lloyds current account was hacked in 2009. The first I knew about it was when I received an email saying my "Clicksafe" password had just been changed. Not having changed it myself, I quickly logged in and found four fraudulent transactions, sending the money somewhere by Post Office Online...
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    Disused lines with cycle paths

    You can walk or cycle the section of the Meon Valley Railway between West Meon and the Eastleigh to Fareham line.
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    Buying house near tracks / Kent House station

    When I worked in Hook, Hampshire I did used to notice when trains went past on the nearby line. It wasn't because I heard them, it was because they made the floor bounce slightly. The building was typical business park structure with a steel skeleton, located about 100m from the line at its...
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    Buying house near tracks / Kent House station

    When I worked at Heathrow in the 70s I and a couple of colleagues shared a house in Hounslow right under the approach to the northern runway (28R back then, 27R now). The noise was incredible, with the aircraft passing directly overhead at a few hundred feet; but we did get used to it and even...
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    Class 800 & 802 safety issues.

    I'm assuming that a deflector plate deflects something, any information on what it's purpose is?
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    War Planes - Birmingham.

    On one occasion in the early 80s when I was on temporary (civilian) detached duty at RAF Chivenor, it was announced at the morning briefing that a couple of fast jet pilots had somehow managed to get permission to do some touch-and-goes at Heathrow in the middle of the night. However, when they...
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    Forum upgrade complete

    There used to be an option to delete photos from my own album, but since the upgrade I don't seem to be able to find it?
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    COVID-19 and the lockdown effects on mental health.

    Well my mental health has certainly taken a turn for the worse since reading the last few posts in this thread :(
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    Donald Trump discussion

    Yes, I think you are right. He'll just double-down on all his outrageous lies, insults, and far right rhetoric. No doubt it'll stir his fan base into a frenzy, but hopefully will turn off the undecided. However various groups, including the Russians, who benefit from having Trump as president...