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    Five Tractor Day...

    With 6 possibles out today, one was an early failure when 37611 failed to appear this morning, however, 37610, 37087, 37229, 37259 and 37608 were all out to play, along with a dredded interloper...
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    "Royal Scots Grey" with "The Capital Deltic".

    Wrong HMPS for me, although I think I am a co-opted member of the other one...:wink:
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    55022 'Capital Deltic'

    Just a single shot of 55022 from this morning at Bawtry Viaduct. I may go out for it this evening, depending on alcohol levels :wink: Click Here
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    Had problems taking pictures of the railways?

    Thats actually quite laughable. When I get home from work later, I'll explain why...
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    A couple of New phots, and an Oldie..

    A couple of 'old' shots that I have uploaded in recent days. 20304 at Melton Ross A couple of New ones... Duchess of Sutherland at Joan Croft Junction Bittern at Haywood 70003 at Thorpe Marsh
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    Had problems taking pictures of the railways?

    As far as I know, Meadowhall Interchange has Northern staff in the ticket office only, when it is open. I can recall seeing security staff on the platforms before, but I believe that they are employed by the Shopping Centre to provide a presence for the car park and surrounding area. I've...
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    Deltic Retro Scot II

    The leg to Newcastle was awesome. But I loved the run up the S and C as well.
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    Nipped out on my lunch break today for this shot..
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    Double Tug Bonanza

    Its about 20 past 2 off Neville Hill on a Wednesday, so about half past 2 .
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    Double Tug Bonanza

    Trip out today for a pair of tugs on oil workings... :)
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    Spitfire Spin & win

    Saw you guys saying hello anyway.. :)
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    Goylie Gosh it's Lowestoft!

    I'm already on it.. :)
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    What kind of car do you drive?

    Currently got a Mk4 Golf GTI 150, which is OK. When it comes round to the time to get a new car, I'm tempted by the new Scirocco, or maybe an early edition Lancer.. :)
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    Desktop thread

    Mine :)