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  • Ok, thanks for the info, I think I've got the gist of what they are looking for on the application now (or at least I hope so)
    The last job I applied for was with paper and pen 20 years ago, now I can do it on my phone :))
    You posted a reply to a question I asked earlier.
    I am working and didn't get a chance to read it properly and it has since been deleted.
    Could you please pm me
    Thanks a lot.
    rriley27 yeah I did just assessment at the centre and passed which was why am waiting to be call for interview.Station Staff assessment.

    Ive applied for ;

    Onboard Hospitality Assistant for Scotrail at Aberdeen and Edinburgh. Aberdeen was unsuccessful but im awaiting shortlisting on the Edinburgh app.

    First Transpennine Trainee Conductor awaiting shortlisting on York , Manchester Airport and Piccadilly.

    Unsuccessful for Transpennine Trainee Conductor at Glasgow.

    First Great Western at Torquay Gateline / Station staff awaiting shortlisting .

    Station Grade A at Stirling , Unsuccessful

    Unsucessful with Gateline assistant at Gloucester .

    I couldn't send you a PM as you've blocked them.

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