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  • Sorry for the slow response but I don't get on here that often. Nice to be passed out but I'm looking forward to my second trip solo. Glad to hear you are doing well and I'm only just starting to route learn so won't comment just yet. As you commented on my remark the other day you know I am only just on Facebook so not sure what I'm doing yet but feel free to send a friend request if you wish. Take care and I am sure we can share a cuppa at some time.
    Ah route learning, the worst part! I hate route learning! Just signed down to didcot but got to do on to Acton. How are you finding things? Soon be solo! Alun
    Hi Guy, that's very good to hear, we knew we'd all make it in the end! I'm doing very well, I've been out driving mainline solo since the start of December and it's going very well. I sign up to Derby, down to Neath Abbey/Swansea burrows, portbury and Avonmouth so a good bit of variety. Hoping to learn London soon. Just off to bed for a 4am start, lovely! Best wishes and hope to wave to you out on the mainline soon!
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