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    New 185 Livery

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    Holy Cow!

    Random plugging does work!
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    [Query] Class 37 Tour Saturday

    Does anybody know the candidates for the 37s? I can't wait for this tour as it stops at my home town of Belper:D :D :D
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    London Trip 21-04-06

    Ok lads, Well done for knowing the Lunderground system... Sounds like a great day Jamie
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    Well at least they are good photos:)
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    What are you listening to?

    LMAO what a great thread this is turning into!:happy9:
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    This week Serco

    There is two Sercos running that day. It looks like one of them with be the DRS Tractors.
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    Aller Junction Yesterday

    That really is a nice location. Is Paignton the nearest station?
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    Some Recent Photos

    Here is a selection of my favourite photos from a few new collections on my website: 37229+20306 passes Nuneaton Vice 66 13/04/06 4Z07 Passes Milford 17/04/06 37609 and 37611 run into Crewe Station heading for Derby RTC 18/04/06 66570 couples to the convoy of 86637+57008+66567...
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    London - 14th April 2006

    442 "thrash"?:?
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    New GBRf Metronet class 66s

    Here is mine. You must have been in the same place as me sprog;)
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    GBRF/Metronet 66's

    Sprog if you read this before you head out, Me and josh will be lineside at Parkway if you want to join us.
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    The Definition of "Clag"..

    Not Clag! CLAG!
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    Photo Competition

    For a while now I have been running a small photo competition on a forum. Now I have decided to branch out and create a larger competition with many more entries. The current competition has just started and is of a class 220/221. To enter you must and send your entry in an email attachment...
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    First Big Wig Express Video Screenshots

    Do we know when this set is returning? If it is sometime soon I may head down to London for it.