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  • The new test is a bit strange but if you passed the old it shouldn't be a problem. Plenty if stuff on the site to help you through it. If you get a date and want advice let me know .
    Hi Sammy,

    Have you had telephone interview yet? the reason I asked because I was also schedule for telephone interview on 27th but never had a call from them.....?
    Hi, just a quick question regarding your recent application I'm looking for some pointers to use in applications.
    Your avatar, isn't that the one which some wisecracker made into the "Troll Train" meme?!
    Hi Sammy, good luck with your assessments next tuesday and wednesday. I have an application in with them as well, my status says shortlisting?? Hope to here from them soon. I was told assessments were going to be march 6th so I was surprised to read your post. Do you have the link to the online group bourdon test?? Every where I look it seems that the link has been removed??
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