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    Didcot/Oxford Season Tickets to London

    Thanks all for the very swift and helpful responses. I hadn't spotted that a Heyford-London ticket would cost the same again - we've got family living in Tackley, so that would be useful, and presumably would also allow significantly cheaper travel to Birmingham (am I right in thinking that if...
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    Didcot/Oxford Season Tickets to London

    I'm about to start commuting into Paddington from Didcot. A season ticket from Didcot to Paddington + Travelcard costs exactly the same as a season ticket from Oxford to Paddington + Travelcard (both are £5,272 per year for 2013). This seems pretty odd. Am I missing some hidden restriction on...
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    Guildford to Tackley via Banbury?

    Hi there! Could anybody shed any light on whether it is legitimate to travel from Guildford to Tackley (and vice-versa) via Banbury with a "not via London" Off-Peak Single (or Off-Peak Return). That is to say, on the route Guildford-Reading with FGW, Reading-Banbury XC, Banbury-Tackley FGW...