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    Most Interesting, Most Nostalgic, Most Boring, Most Hated

    Most interesting: ECML between Edinburgh Waverley and Newcastle. Beautiful views of the coast and the approach into Newcastle. Most nostalgic: York railway station. Lots of memories both as a child going on holiday and the whole city still my favourite go to place in the UK. Could never...
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    Trivia - Railway Station Nests and other Wildlife

    The goose at York has now laid 4 eggs in the flower bed and is being looked after by LNER staff, who have put a board up in front of the bed to shield her a bit. "Goosecam" is played on their Twitter page.
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    395 Javelin seat comfort

    There surely aren't any worse seats than the LNER Azuma 1st class seats? Tired of reading the same social media response about how they have been extensively researched, tested and approved. The angle is all wrong, especially if you happen to not be very tall. Never left Edinburgh Waverley...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    I agree with that. The two at the top of my list being the newer ones in Southampton - West Quay and Cumberland Place. Both within walking of Southampton Central.
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    Eating smelly food on trains

    There's a degree of irony in this story given that every train company, ever, not only serves eggs in some form as part of their breakfast, but that an overly marketed version of an egg and cress sandwich is apparently the vegetarian answer to everything.
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    ScotRail under fire after major disruption around Edinburgh on Saturday 24 August

    As another Edinburgher, while I echo what has been said here and previously about Scotrail and their general performance, the problem this weekend cannot fully be landed on them this time. The Edinburgh Fringe and Festival is the problem, and those who have allowed it to spiral completely out...
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    Another paralympian delayed disembarking

    I'm not going to comment from the perspective of the issues she had using trains or the assistance she required, but from something I do know a lot about, I can truthfully say that Ms Christiansen needs no publicity from a paralympic point of view. She is not only a very decorated equestrienne...
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    Horse on railway line

    As a horse owner, I can't begin to explain how high up the list of horrors this would be, not only to those associated with the animal, but the thought of the potential consequences to the travelling public and rail staff. Personally, I wouldn't put a horse in a field so close to a rail line...
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    Scottish shop owner ‘won’t hire staff who rely on ScotRail’

    Long time lurker on here. I enjoy this forum, although don't pretend to have a clue what most of the technical terms mean. The business in question here has been in its Edinburgh location many years and is a well known name to most established Edinburgh residents. The commute into Edinburgh...