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    Alphabet Stations Challenge

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    End of the station's word!

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    UEFA EURO 2020

    Decent team that definitely. Very fair based on the performances I saw. (Maguire almost deserves his inclusion for his penalty alone :D)
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    Lothian Group discussion (Lothian City, Lothian Country Bus and East Coast Buses)

    A similar service was tried some time around 2014 by Prentice Coaches between Haddington and Wallyford station (X1 I believe it was numbered) and was scheduled for three return peak time journeys each weekday. I can't find anything online, but I seem to recall it was withdrawn fairly soon after...
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    Space Tourism

    I do think it's a ludicrous thing to be doing in this day and age when we claim to be trying to fight climate change
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    TRIVIA: Farthest distance travelled avoiding the big 4 operators

    Or also Biggar (via Galashiels and Peebles). From Biggar you can then take Stuart's Coaches to Lanark and then onto Glasgow.
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    UEFA EURO 2020

    Indeed, as would I. I think the phrase that gets me is the "Does anyone care?" - em yes! You're a British account not English. I've emboldened the crucial part to that - BBC Scotland. Would that be the default broadcast down south? I think Michael Stewart summed it up perfectly at the weekend...
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    UEFA EURO 2020

    In reference to what I posted last night, below is an example of the "baggage" I can't stand. (A video clip of the challenge also features) The BBC Sport Twitter account really should be neutral, but instead we get an English bias...
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    How often do you buy a newspaper?

    I buy the local weekly courier. I like to keep up to date with what's happening locally and the newspapers website is awful, so £1.05 a week isn't too bad a price to pay to be able to do that. Yes I could find it elsewhere online, but I'd be at it for ages everyday trying to keep up, so one...
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    UEFA EURO 2020

    My personal Twitter feed seems filled with a lot of English hatred but personally I’ll say congratulations to England. This is the best England team I remember and they all seem decent and reasonable as well - just a questionable penalty decision! :) Now I just need to disconnect myself from...
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    RMT ScotRail conductors - Strike action regarding overtime payments

    What annoys me the most about this is that replacement buses are running to hospitals - are the rest of us passengers irrelevant?
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    UEFA EURO 2020

    Have to say that seemed a harsh red card
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    Independent Operators in the Lothians

    To be honest 110 on its own probably could have been fine. The route is just a (fairly lengthy) extension to the current 110 between Tranent and Elphinstone.
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    England set to drop facemasks and social distancing on July 19

    I've got a journey booked from Edinburgh to Carlisle in August. If this proposal happens, it seems to me that for the last few minutes of my journey I could not have to wear a face covering - purely because I happened to have crossed the border. Surely even the most pro-maskers can see there is...
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    Independent Operators in the Lothians

    Interesting move. I think that might do alright actually by going via the A1. It gives Prestonpans, as well as Tranent and Wallyford, a faster link via the A1 instead of having to go through Musselburgh.