15 Jun 2009
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    1. Kirkk007
      Hi how are you? Just thought I'd drop a mail here as you had some good advice for me just a couple of weeks ago and I was hoping you could do the same again? I've passed the interview stage but have now got part 2 of the tests, computer tests SJE and MMI any help tips pointers would be grand, have put the same message on the thread so you can reply to that or this? Although I don't know what this is a sort of personal thread...? Thanks
    2. Junk_girl
      Hi scotraildriver, I hope you don't mind me sending you a message. Do you know if Scotrail are still going through the application forms for the trainee drivers? I applied around about the 21st September 2015... I thought with coming from an emergency services background I would have stood a good chance. Do I still have a chance you recon or think its done!
      Thanks in advance for any advice.

    3. Paton001

      I hope you don't mind me Pm'ing you, Scotraildriver. I've just attended the first part of the Psychometric tests' in Glasgow on Tuesday 14 of July, for the Trainee Driver Position- Dumfries. I just received an e-mail stating I had passed the first part of the paper test and inviting me to an interview on Tuesday 28th July at Yoker depot.

      Can I ask, Where the depot for Dumfries is situated? I can see some extra rail-lines just south of Dumfries station is that it? Any help would be appreciated.
    4. Steve childs
      Steve childs
      Thanks for your post. It puts my mind at rest thinking ill be ok on franchise changeover. Im still a new head only 2 years experience and im just transferring to the TDM in Inverness from a platform job but my manager is not happy and filling my head full of mince.
    5. Bun
      Not good pal failed the reactions unfortunately just lost it on 1st part.
      Thanks for your previous help it was great and enjoy your career you're a lucky man.
      All the best
    6. scotraildriver
      If you have anything else feel free to ask. And talk safety safety safety ...........

      and good luck its a great job
    7. scotraildriver
      I believe the assesments take out around 70% of people so the number for interview will be quite low.
      In terms of preparing for interview you need to take safety, all the time. You MUST come across as someone who thinks constantly about safety.
      Secondly, a good knowledge of the company and job is essential. DO NOT however simply look up Wikipedia or the like and rhyme off whats there. Do you know the MD's name? How long the franchise has to run?

      However, the very best thing you can do is visit the depot at Dumfries and ask for a look around. It isn't normally a problem and then you can ask about depot related things, learn about SPAD's etc and generally have a knowledge of the depot. It may even be that you get to speak to the manager doing your interview which would really help you. Lots of people do this so don't be shy, just go along and ask. A depot visit is an absolute requrement for internal candidates and if externals can do it is always goes down well.
    8. Bun
      Hi scotraildriver,

      Hope you don't mind me sending u a pm
      I've applied for trainee driver in Dumfries and having just sat the assessment at Atrium Court on Thursday I could't believe it when an envelope from Scotrail popped through the door yesterday morning with a travel pass for 22nd March for the driver manager interview.!! (although no update on website)
      Anyway I was just trying to work out my revised odds of landing 1 of 2 available positions.
      On Thurs I think there were 15 of us with another session planned for tomorrow 11th march, so 30 in total? or maybe even more sessions?
      Do you think roughly after assessments it will be down to around 10 for interviews or is it usually not as harsh a cut.?
      I'm totally going for it in terms of research, answer prep etc and as an existing driver what can you remember from your application at this stage?
      Sorry for bugging you and if you cant be bothered to reply its fine .
      Im just trying to do my best to secure a job


    9. hiall
      Hi there. I have a selection interview with First Scotrail in the near future. Do you know what type of things they will be looking for etc? Thanks for taking time to read this.
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