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    CAF Civity for TfW: News and updates on introduction.

    March is the current plan for the Liverpool route with May onto North Wales Coast and October on Manchester to South Wales. These are seemingly already slipping though with unit faults delaying training
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    CAF Civity for TfW: News and updates on introduction.

    Yes, the CIs are down for the training runs too.
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    CAF Civity for TfW: News and updates on introduction.

    By next week there’s should also be training diagrams on Crewe to Shrewsbury as well as North Wales coast, there are meant to be 4 units out each day once that starts fully.
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    Transport for Wales 769's

    There’s plenty of off lease 153s from all around, believe only TfW and Scotrail use them now so there’s plenty spare. By the time they are brought up to a useable standard though the replacements wouldn’t be far off in service.
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    Some things have improved over the years..

    Pretty sure now the GA non prm sets are withdrawn and the TfW 153s are all permanently locked out that everything in use does now have a tank
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    Dorking To Horsham - No Weekday Evening Or New Years Day Service

    Nobody needs any insider access to see an empty train, they are visible to anyone at all on Real-time Trains if you click on the bottom one and track it at Dorking can see it carries...
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    Manchester to Euston - TfW and LNR Only

    Some were on the day cancellations due to uncovered turns but the 12:31/15:31/18:31/21:35 from Manchester have been removed from the timetable, not sure when until though.
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    Class 153 updates.

    May have remembered wrong but I believe I saw that the first 2 (972 and 968) will get the lite mods and the final 2 (918 and 982) will get the whole package and presumably come back as 318 and 382.
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    Trivia: Most varied formation

    There are still a mix of 3 classes fairly regularly with 150+153+158 formations. The 21:55 Cardiff to Crewe and 23:09 Shrewsbury to Cardiff regularly throw up all sorts of odd combinations.
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    RealTimeTrains website

    Just noticed that myself, never seen it before so seems it could well be added today.
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    Class 170 on fire - Nottingham

    There isnt a unit 170635 anymore, its 535 and still at WMT. I think the centre car of 635 is now in one of the lengthened xc units though.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Not too much to see at this time of year though, pitch black almost right to Inverness!
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    We had a trip on the sleeper last night, first time in the new coaches and my partners first ever trip on the sleeper. Was a little nervous after reading this thread but apart from being moved cabins and having to cart everything through 3 coaches to the replacement the rest of the trip was...
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    Train crew persuade their Control to not terminate the train short

    This happens fairly regularly, just is hidden from view most of the time. Quite often control will call and ask to do something or will ask how many people are on and where they are going if it's going to be better to carry on or spin round early. Granted, sometimes decisions are made on a whim...
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    East Midlands Railway livery and station branding

    222003 also in EMR outgoing livery.