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    GA Class 90 Mark 3 Sets Withdrawal

    IIRC there was a plan by the A1 Trust to acquire a rake of Anglia Mk3s to run behind Tornado. With some opening toplights as per Hibernian. Has this plan / aspiration been abandoned?
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    Has a train ever crashed into itself in the history of railways?

    Rather more recently 180 110 at Helpston in Dec 2017. Reported as hitting an obstruction on the track, which turned out to be one of its own engines.
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    Trivia: Right hand running

    Tanygrisiau on the Ffestiniog had a run round loop when it was the temporary terminus in the early 1980s pending full re-opening to Blaenau. When the line was extended the loop was taken out (along with the loop at Dduallt) which created capacity issues. So the loop at Tanygrisiau was...
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    Most Depressing Stretch of Line on the Network

    Paddington - Reading is rather grim, with urban sprawl and much of the Maidenhead - Twyford rural section in cutting. A few exceptions such as Hanwell and Slough station buildings, and the open views from Wharncliffe and Maidenhead viaducts.
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    Most exhilarating station approach

    For scenery Kyle of Lochalsh. Although the Stevenson (not Stephenson!) maxim that to travel in hope is better than to arrive is perhaps rather apt! Kingswear pretty good too. For urban views the run into Bath from the East looks good on a sunny day. Overseas the descent to Narvik or across...
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    RIA letter on Electrification

    You can add Bristoĺ to that list!
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    Great Western Electrification Progress

    It is possible to reach P15 (and the down through) direct from the West. Done that. P13 is a bit more tricky due to the buffer stop. Glad to see Bristol East Jn getting a nudge forward with 6 running lines. Disappointed that plans for P1/0 in the Digby Wyatt train shed have been scaled back...
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    Great Western Electrification Progress

    8 Dec 2019. My fastest Parkway - Swindon run remains the 21m 19s I recorded on the first day of electric services. This braked smartly for the then 110 limit thro Alderton Tunnel and accelerated quickly afterwards, costing only 5 sec compared with a recent run which passed thro at 123. But that...
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    Heathrow Southern Link proposals

    Yes would like to see this happen, but in meantime why not a simple extension of the Piccadilly line from T4 to Feltham? Would be so much easier and quicker than the bus!
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    TfW to operate Class 37s on the Rhymney Line

    Any idea if the loco hauleds are running this evening?
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    GWR Dec 19 timetable

    Re cruise control - does tyre wear mean that cuising at 123 is now the norm? At Steventon speed came down to 106 vice 110 limit. At Westerleigh minimum was 69 so close to limit, but I have recorded smarter braking. The recovery was pretty good though. I'll be recording quite a few more trips...
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    GWR Dec 19 timetable

    On Thursday I took the 19.15 PAD to Weston. Heavily delayed behind the 19.07 Bedwyn (given priority at Acton West crossing from the relief, then made its Twyford stop on the down main...) and it took 37m 00s to pass Reading (16 late). Then had a clear road, apart from an easing to 99 before...
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    Worcestershire Parkway station progress

    Disappointing re the delay. Question. Will Ashchurch/Cheltenhan (and points south) to Worcester tickets be valid via Worcs Parkway? Will that include South West Rover tickets, which are valid as far as Great Malvern?
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    SWR Longest Strike - December 2019

    Dwell times are extended. 07.12 Reading - Waterloo has failed at Twickenham, adding to the joy. Now on a Kingston roundabout to get to town.