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    Virgin East Coast Twitter

    Spectator columnist calls VTEC twitter feed "plain unhinged":
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    Northern timetable plan for May 2018

    The odd Hexham to Battersby and Hexham to Danby services are in again. I thought they were a mistake! SGS
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    IEP at Colton Junction

    Here's "Azuma" 800101 at Colton Junction: VTEC HST: Colas Class 70 on a Tyne Dock to Drax working...
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    Snow Service Changes 25/02/18 onwards.

    VTEC now tweeting that there will be no service Newcastle-Edinburgh tomorrow (Saturday).
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    Snow Service Changes 25/02/18 onwards.

    Something up at Newcastle again. Platforms occupied by terminated trains, nothing much moving and loads of trains stacked up outside the station.
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    Snow Service Changes 25/02/18 onwards.

    Things looking up at Newcastle, services from the North appear to be moving, the 0526 Stirling-Kings Cross has entered the platform, after two hours hanging around on the bridge over the Coast Road.
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    Scotrail Class 385 Discussion

    On E-G trains on Friday, they were announcing that First class was suspended until further notice. SGS.
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    Advice needed for a newbie

    Camden Road is on the North London Line and would be a better bet for photos than the station at Willesden Junction. I'm only an occasional visitor to London but for Stratford and Camden Road, I would say about 10am until 3pm. The freight starts to ease off when rush hour approaches. Not sure...
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    Advice needed for a newbie

    The footbridge is outside the station, but nearby. It goes over the West Coast Main Line (where the West London line branches off) rather than the North London Line, but you can see trains on both lines from it. You can see the bridge here...
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    Advice needed for a newbie

    For London, try: Stratford, Willesden Junction footbridge (though not much good for photographs), Acton Main Line, Kensington Olympia. Outside London, try: Stafford, Barnetby. There aren't many loco depots nowadays! Regards, SGS.
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    No hot food update: no hot food on the 1935 Edinburgh to Kings Cross. They're hoping some will be loaded at Newcastle.
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    VTEC - new onboard crewing system

    I'm on the 2000 and there was hot food. I'm sure that will be a great comfort to you. It certainly seems to be becoming a habit on the 2100 though.
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    It's like some far-away golden age...:)
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    Pacer vs Pacer

    My recollection: 142: BREL chassis, Leyland body. 143: Andrew Barclay chassis, Alexander body. 144: BREL chassis, Alexander body. Does anyone know why the 143s were transferred from the North East to South Wales back in the day?
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    No hot food on the 2100 Kings Cross - Newcastle again. Short staffed, sarnies only. It's quite common now, I'm starting not to care...