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    New Wolverhampton Station

    The new track forks just before the current terminus and passes the bus station before turning and terminating outside the railway station. Once complete, services from Birmingham will alternate between the two. There will eventually be more services than present with the new line to Dudley and...
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    Best fish & chips near a station?

    Majors in Bilston - close to Bilston Central tram stop - are probably the best known in the Black Country.
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    Which stations should have a micropub?

    That's a shame, the Beer Dock was always my last port of call before getting the train home from Crewe. Their website says it's the Nantwich one that's closed, and the Crewe one has moved to the High St, but it's maybe not up to date. P.S. (and O.T.) - good to see someone else who has heard of...
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    Best fish & chips near a station?

    That's probably part of it. Also the rise of ordering from apps like Just East amongst the young (where the trad fish & chip shops are less represented), plus some owners retiring, changing eating and working habits. Having said that, the good ones seem more well known and are still very busy...
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    Best fish & chips near a station?

    The Midlands' orange chip shops can be quite variable, but when the chips are dusted sparingly and cooked properly they are fantastic. Even better when served with bits/scraps/insert your own term here. They seem to be dying out as the kebab/chicken shops replace trad chippies. Same with the...
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    Best fish & chips near a station?

    Captain Cod is v good, agreed. The one just down from the stations - next to Weavers Real Ale Bar - used to be even better, but it may have changed hands since I last used it. Can't believe I'm pining for some chips at 09.30! Good to see the proper spelling of chippy too. Sheds.
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    WMT franchise at risk as well?

    Except the West Midlands mayor is already a Tory; Andy Street.
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    West Midland Metro Westside Extension

    They are. They started the building works in the summer. From the TfWM web site: Link to the story here: Edited (eventually, sorry) to add quote and describe link as...
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    Nat Express West Midlands

    Quite. Demolishing Perry Barr flyover is absolute insanity, and will increase pollution/traffic/bus delays by orders of magnitude. Anyone else interested in stopping this madness can sign the petition and view a nice photo of the flyover @
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    Accommodation suggestions and reviews

    A couple of stations that spring to mind: Birmingham New St - Easy Hotel, John Bright St (SW exit) or Britannia Hotel (at your own risk!), New St (NE exit). Both within a couple of mins walk. Exeter St Davids - Great Western Hotel on the station forecourt. B & B with a real ale bar.
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    Virgin delay repay query

    I had to submit one for the first time last Sunday, for delays on Thu 8th. The acknowledgement email came through on Monday morning. Sheds.
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    WMTrains livery and station branding

    Langley Green stations signs advise "For Oldbury".
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    Worcestershire Parkway station progress

    Interesting. If that's the case, it would also imply that : a) It won't be included in the "Worcester Stations" group, and b) It won't be a permitted route to travel Birmingham to Shrub Hill by changing trains at Parkway. Sheds.
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    Best sited stations for town/city centre.

    They're all like that, with one or two exceptions (that prove the rule). Minimum wage, zero-hours-contract, heavily overworked staff serving in a cavernous 'gin palace' with a reputation for the cheapest booze in town, thus attracting a significant proportion of the local nutters, alcoholics and...
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    Wolverhampton Station

    Work has already started on the rebuild: The tram extension is progressing well...