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    Fares data workshop

    Saturdays and Sundays are possible for me, but only from late lunchtime (and that depends on how far I need to travel - I live near Ledbury). On weekdays, all of those dates are fine.
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    National Routeing Guide update

    A new set of data came out on the DTD feed yesterday evening. I don't know if this is the update above or something else, though.
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    National Routeing Guide update

    They aren't available in the DTD feed yet either, so journey planners won't be implementing them yet.
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    Best measures for "good" value rail fares

    It's definitely worth going to an event. There are people here who can help in a number of ways, including my company, and I may well be there. I'm sure yorkie will give you a list of dates.
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    Cancellation of 1755 Blackpool North -> Manchester Airport train (Sat 09APR2022)

    The train was in the published timetable. It was cancelled in DARWIN. I don't know the time of the cancellation, but the timetable data from the previous night definitely shows it.
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    Trainsplit - wrong card used for early tomorrow

    The fees that PayPal charge are extremely high. Even with a negotiated discount, they can be multiple times the low rates that can be achieved for card payments (including Apple, Google etc.)
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    SeniorRailcard v Disabled Railcard

    My card turned up today - no photo on it. Those who have met me know that my hearing isn't perfect, but it's enough to get by with my hearing aid. However, I'll take the discount without any qualms at all. I agree that it should be available to a wider selection of disabilities. But I'd quite...
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    SeniorRailcard v Disabled Railcard

    Well, I ordered a plastic railcard and the site required that I upload a photo. I don't have the replacement card yet, though.
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    SeniorRailcard v Disabled Railcard

    The other advantage of the Disabled Person's Railcard is that it discounts Oyster fares at all times, unlike other railcards. It's also worth noting that the Disabled Person's Railcard now requires a photograph (it never used to). I renewed mine online (also for a hearing impairment) and had to...
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    Booked train disappeared from journey planners

    The 10.33 was removed from the timetable on the 4th March - However, the 10.40 to Manchester actually stops at Crewe earlier than the booked train at 12.10 (it was scheduled to overtake it). So just catch that one.
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    Advance tickets booked for a service that doesn't exist - SWR

    The train was removed from the timetable on the 9th ( Some retailers would have emailed you to let you know, but others don't have that facility yet. However, the ability to do this should be available to all retailers in due course.
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    Amtrack Bookings from the UK

    It wasn't the payment - that authorised. They just gave a generic "problem at our end" error, and didn't charge the card. 1642521315 We eventually managed to get through on the phone, and once though the queue, it was simple enough to book. But it would have been easier if their website had...
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    Dalmuir to York Advance Gateline Query

    I'm not involved in TrainSplit any more. @js517 is the person to ask.
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    Forcing an itinerary to use as little replacement bus as possible.

    Indeed. It's also worth bearing in mind that itineraries generated by FastJP are not checked against fares and thus are not necessarily Permitted Routes. So you might actually need to split tickets to get fares against them.
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    GWR January Sale

    They could be these (although I don't know where the name is coming from) - ADVANCE PROMO - EXETER ST DAVIDS to WESTON SUPER MARE - BR Fares. But RARS is showing no quota for that train.