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    What is the delay exteding electrification to Oxford and Bristol TM?

    Network Rail bit off more than it could chew in terms of electrification in CP5, both in terms of time and in terms of money. There have been numerous discussions of the reasons for that. Don't let's start another unless somebody has some brilliant new insights. Let's take that bit as read...
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    Any news on proposals to build an alternative route between Exeter & Plymouth?

    Is there anywhere where a railway goes over a suspension bridge? I always thought they weren't rigid enough.
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    Blackpool - Manchester Electrification

    Gralistair was referring to a lot of stuff that has been the subject of numerous discussions on here over the last couple of years. I'm not clear how much of it you've seen. Following massive delays and cost increases to electrification projects, over a year ago, Grayling, the transport...
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    Blackpool - Manchester Electrification

    Given how much difficulty NR are having in finishing this for the end of the year, it's amazing how recently they were refusing to admit that it wouldn't be finished for last May, or even last December.
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    Leeds Station Improvement

    The OLE is designed around bridges that are there at the time. Where there are low bridges the catenary is low. At other places it is higher, and new bridges have to clear it. Also special reduced clearance may be used at existing bridges but presumably not for new ones. Incidentally this...
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    Wales & Borders CP6 renewals and maintenance

    Wales & Borders is the latest Network Rail "Route" to issue a press release about its CP6 renewals and maintenance proposals. interesting about Barmouth...
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    Northern Powerhouse Rail / HS3 Timeline and Ideas

    What's the Northern Link project? Who's proposing it? [Edit: web search suggests it's SELRAP, the campaign to reopen Skipton-Colne.] HS2 most definitely doesn't include Bradford or Halifax. NPR (formerly HS3) does include Bradford. I haven't heard about it including Halifax.
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    MML Electrification

    It's not known for certain but there does seem to be some hope the route will be wired to MH. It's been discussed a couple of times upthread in the last few months. At least one local politician has claimed it's in the bag.
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    Talgo UK site

    There's already a thread about this:
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    Blackpool - Manchester Electrification

    Surely the rules are that there are no rules against it provided the specified electrical clearance is maintained. Why should there be any rules against it? After all, in a tunnel, the wires are supported from the roof all the way.
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    Blackpool - Manchester Electrification

    The Twitter feed has pics of drainage work at Bullfield tunnel:
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    MML Electrification

    Another press release:
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    Why wasn't HS2 phase 1 four-tracked to Birmingham?

    Having now skim-read the report, I'd say there's nothing in it to justify matacaster's suspicions.
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    Why wasn't HS2 phase 1 four-tracked to Birmingham?

    The actual report referred to in the Times report is here:
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    Why wasn't HS2 phase 1 four-tracked to Birmingham?

    I think that's just speculation. It remains to be seen whether captive trains will be ordered for phase 2. And if there are captive trains, it further remains to be seen whether any will be double deck.