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  • hi Bill. Its Martin here from Epping Ongar Railway. Just writing to see how you are and how well your training is going. Hope its still going in the right direction for you and your still enjoying the career move. Is it as hard as you thought it was?
    Afternoon Bill,

    How's things going with your training? I just thought i'd email you as i got my call yesterday for a January start if i pass my medical in a couple of weeks. It hasn't taken as long as some of the others on here so i'm delighted.

    I've just got a couple of nosy questions if that's ok......does your contract state that you have to work a couple of years with FCC before you could move to another TOC (if you ever wanted to of course?)? Also, what was your medical like? Did you have an ECG? I read that somewhere and thought it was pretty heart's all good but am curious as to what level they go into.

    Anyway, hope it's all going ok!


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