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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    37884 with 769928 HTH Mark
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    Locomotive Services Fleet (LSL) updates

    86101 has made it back to LSL from Freightliner after traction motor repairs. Link to pic (Not mine, please credit taker) 86101 (E3191) 19.07.2021 | 86101 SIR WILLIAM A STANIER FRS i… | Flickr
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    Class 730 LNWR & WMR Delivery/test Updates

    I have been told that there is a 5 car 730 on Crewe LNWR. Has anyone any info. Any gen appreciated. Mark
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    WMR Class 196 Build and Implementation

    196007 being delivered from Donnington to Tyseley as I type. Running 136 late. 37608 and 37611 providing traction. Update: Is anyone able to confirm which unit actually went as I have now been quoted 008 and 009 too !!! Mark
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    37608, 43071, 43061, 43079 and 6344 Mark
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    All Class 350 Refurb Updates and any Refurb questions

    350109 has returned to Northampton today. Can confirm 350114 done. Seen personally yesterday. Mark
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    All Class 350 Refurb Updates and any Refurb questions

    350113 on way to Long Marston, 37611 doing the honours. Should return with 350109. That leaves 350127 to be done. Mark
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    Thanks. Is it still in use ?. And do you know its current location. MTIA Mark
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    Can anyone advise if 465909 is in use today. My last one and I will be in london for a couple of days. Any info appreciated MTIA Mark
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    68016 and 88007. HTH Mark
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    Class 43 disposals

    43064, 43082, 43043 and 43081 in that order taken back to Long Marston today on 5Q94 from Burton, hauled by 37611. Mark
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    Class 47 D1842

    The above has been released for repairs/repaint from LSL at Crewe and transferred back to the Heritage Centre. It is apparently off to the Ecclesbourne Railway. a Pic link from a good friend below. Hope this is useful. Mark DSC00285 | Andy Cole | Flickr
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Can anyone advise the current status of 465909. Seems to be very elusive. Any help appreciated. MTIA Mark