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  • The whole day is intense. I guessing by now you have found the threads with potential mmi questions. My advise is to write up an example for each question including elements where you have shown the qualities below. Make sure you use examples of what you have done. :)
    I hope this helps for the mmi:

    Six key characteristics of the Outstanding Train driver

    The research identified 6 generic characteristics of an outstanding train driver, these are:

    Displays confidence to be self-sufficient & challenge wrong decisions when necessary.
    Takes responsibility for his/her actions and demonstrates self awareness.
    Able to develop and maintain positive interpersonal relationships based on trust and respect.
    Logical thinkers who are able to make safe, sound decisions and judgements in all areas of their driving role.
    Motivated to continuously keep up to date, learn and develop.
    Consistently displays a self motivated and selfless approach to work.
    You need to search the forum using google for MMI and criteria based interview, by doing that you will come across all the information that you need. As i said in the post be prepared to be asked many questions, some of which off topic and probing.
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