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    Grand Central HST Sets

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone know what might happen to the Grand Central HST sets when they are withdrawn at the end of this year? Anyone know if they likely to be sold on to another operator, or scrapped? I'm particularly interested in the first class saloons. Thanks in advance!
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    Any ideas on where this has come from?

    Hello lae150, It's definitely a bridge number plate. The B100 code at the bottom is the casting pattern number. The high number could mean it could be from the East Coast main line, probably around Lincolnshire or thereabouts. You would need to consult a copy of the LNER Bridge Book to be...
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    Post 1955 Steam Locomotives on BR

    Hello, I'm researching details for the steam locomotives that were newly built or supplied to/acquired by BR between 1955 and 1960. So far, I have the following: a) 506 number BR Standards of various types, built 1955-60 b) 12 GWR design 0-6-0PT's from the last batch of the 94XX type, built...
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    Tinsley Yard MPD Opening Day - True or False?

    Hello, A story that may (or maybe not) true. In my student days, I took part-time jobs working on construction sites during the holidays. One of my worksite colleagues had been involved in building the main depot workshop building at Tinsley yard, in Sheffield. He told me a story which is hard...
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    How many steam locos did BR withdraw under the 1955 Modernisation Plan

    Hello, Having read through "The Reshaping of British Railways" (AKA the 1955 Modernisation Plan), it makes an interesting statement regarding the future provision of main line Diesel traction. In particular, it states that there is a requirement for approximately 3,750 to 4,250 diesels to...
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    Barry Scrapyard Stats

    Dear All, Trying to get my head around some facts and figures regarding locomotives acquired by Woodham's 1959-89. Can't currently put my hands on my copies of the famous "Barry List" either. So, here goes: Does anyone remember seeing the 5 "Austerity" 0-6-0ST's, ex. War Department? In what...
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    How many steam locos did BR withdraw under the 1955 Modernisation Plan

    Hi Bevan, Thanks very much, this is all very interesting information. I'm thinking of putting this into prospective by showing the data in a timeline or a graph. Something to do over the holidays! Regards, Streambuffer
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    "Railway Roundabout" on DVD

    Hi Bill, Thanks very much for the information, now I'm on a quest to see if I can find a copy! Regards, Steambuffer
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    How many steam locos did BR withdraw under the 1955 Modernisation Plan

    As an aside, I have studied the complex history of the LMS-designed 8F locos that were build for the War Department in WW2 and sent overseas, some of which returned to the UK in the 1950's and were given numbers in the BR series. I have attached my file. Regards Steambuffer
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    How many steam locos did BR withdraw under the 1955 Modernisation Plan

    Hello Bevan, This is all very interesting. Is this RCTS listing just the serviceable "capital stock" locomotives, or are condemned locos included? Also, are the RCTS figures for diesel loco scrapping available for the years not mentioned between 1955 and 1968? Regards. Steambuffer
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    "Railway Roundabout" on DVD

    Hello, Dies anyone remember the 1960's B&W TV series “Railway Roundabout”? I believe it was available from Ian Allan's on a number of DVD's. I contacted them by they say it is discontinued. Specifically. I’m looking for a film clip of the Cromford and High Peak Railway, which I think is in the...
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    How many steam locos did BR withdraw under the 1955 Modernisation Plan

    Hello Journeyman, I think that the "secret reserve" of steam locomotives is discounted now and all locos are accounted for, having either been scrapped or preserved. I went to a lecture once, which declared that any "secret reserve" is already hiding in plain sight and exists on the UK...
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    TRIVIA - Things you saw travelling on BR that you don't see today

    Hello, What about: Red Star Parcels Platform Tickets Ladies Only compartments Freight trains running at 35mph Slam door passenger coaches Timetable planners who knew how to plan timetables Litter bins on the platforms Station coal yards instead of car parks Semaphore signals Luggage Porters...
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    What Happened to "What Really Happened to Steam" ???

    While we are at it...... There was an article in Railway Magazine in November 2009, that a research group had been set up to identify all the errors in various steam locomotive scrapping lists/booklets produced over the years. Examples such as "a locomotive was seen and noted in the scrapyard...
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    How many steam locos did BR withdraw under the 1955 Modernisation Plan

    Doh! Now we will have to start another thread on the S.....c R......e !! (don't mention the war). I was talking to a work colleague only last week, about this. Google RAF Corsham and Codename Burlington, for discussion and interesting photographs. Steambuffer