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    The 01.46am from York to Manchester??

    Main reason is route retention. Main avoiding route is York-Sherburn-Milford-Castleford- Leeds(Via Holbeck), or up to Cas then via Normanton, Wakey Kirkgate, Healey Mills and back on the main at Thornhill LNW. No TPE Drivers/Guards sign Wakey Westgate or the Featherstone route. When...
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    Train Announcements

    We got told prior to the safety announcements to make manual ones. so i turned it into a full blown announcement. Depends on the Guard and whever he/she is in a good mood or not...
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    Two Tier Stations

    Shotton. it must be one of the smallest places to have a Two Tier Station!
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    What is the most unusual thing you have seen on the railways?

    Well, there was a 142 with "Bridlington" on it going out of Sheffield when i was coming in around lunchtime.
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    today's class 87 bash

    i don't post on here much now but.. stop taking things so seriously and get off yorkie's case. i personally would like to see the 170s go up in smoke but that's another matter... if you're going to argue with all and sundry 50149 you may as well stay on here. there's been enough of that...
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    Central Trains ADEX, 20/05

    can't see it being anything but a 170 combo. will it take the normal route as well?? just in terms of guards/drivers route knowledge.
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    Arriva Taking the P***

    yesterday i went to catch the 1055 Cardiff - Fishguard Harbour. it was a 143!!! Endurance test that was. Surely there was something better in Canton Depot at the time???
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    The First TPE 185...

    in service,will be the 0621 Man picc-Hull on Tuesday so i've been told.
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    TransPennine Express Short of 158's?

    Northern 156?? they must be busting a few units then.
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    Central newist deisel fleet

    guard's tip here: on a turdostar(170)put your hand on the top of the door and touch it. it'll open then, hopefully.
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    Central 158s - Where are they all?

    170s have been on most lincolnshire routes(on the joint- Lincoln to Sleaford - much to the guard's disgust one day at nottingham i saw)and when they first came out they were on lincoln-grimsby. birmingham-salop seems to be permenantly 170s and walsall-wolverhampton 150s now.
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    Work Experience

    you jammy buggers... when i was younger i never lived close to a major station. i ended up working for the local council in Brigg.
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    Good pubs/Takeaways near Railway Stations

    i think we should have a list of these,recommendations so when you're out on a trip. Pubs: Worcester FS - The postal order(wetherspoons), turn right and about 3 doors down. Banks's £1.30 a pint. Wolverhampton - The Moon under Water(wetherspoons). come out the station and straight over...