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    Weird Staticy Noise...

    I believe I have a Realtek soundcard too, and it's only occasionally static noise.. Hm.
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    Your top ten favourite tube stations

    :D My top 10 stations (in no particular order): Westminster - clean Whitechapel - reminds me when I had my first tube journies when I was a little kid White City - lots of 92s! Mile End - no idea why King's Cross St Pancras - big interchange, interesting section of stock if you wander...
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    Tube Skiing

    Now imagine that you got hit by him because you thought that bloke who was being the producer was being an idiot ....
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    1986 stock

    Looks great :D
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    Jubilee Line Progress Report

    Nice :) - can't wait for this one (as I've already said ;) ::) ) I also meant, in relation to Nath's post, how is the train coming along? (Don't mean to be a nuisance btw, if anyone wants me to shut up, give me a politely worded reply and I will do so ;) )
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    Jubilee Line Progress Report

    Surely though, the timing of the release depends on when the train's gonna be released? Any news on how that's coming along .. ?
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    District Line for BVE4

    Looks great :) Can't wait for it, as well as the Jubilee :)
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    A little surprise.

    I can't find it on TSC.... If it was from your site, Coxter, the TPWS lights are still unlit for me .... ? (I just re-installed it now, and un-installed the old version).
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    Jubilee Line Progress Report

    Due to the way BVE is coded, this is impossible. All the trains you see etc, are objects, and thus can't move. This should be a fantastic route though, keep it up Rich :) :)
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    The Jubilee Line train - 96TS

    Good point .... didn't really consider that :-/
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    The Jubilee Line train - 96TS

    This isn't a criticism, but .... why does the DVA say '' This train terminates at Stratford'', when it terminates at North Greenwich? I guess you could get around it by suspending the service N Greenwich to Stratford? ;)
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    WIP Southern Units

    Looks great Damon :)
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    Jubilee Line Latest

    As Damon said - brilliant looking and sounding :) What's the music called? I liked it when I heard it on the Jubilee DEV ... :)
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    Jubilee Line Latest

    I've never heard the male autoannouncer.... Oh - I guess if you mean '' This train terminates here!! All change please!! '' etc. then, I *have* heard it! ;)
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    JLE Stopping: You Decide

    2 files :) As Tom B says - people could practice with the 2m tolerance, and progress onto the realistic one as they feel able. :)